As an IT service provider, Essener Systemhaus (ESH) provides the city of Essen and all its affiliated companies with innovations and reliability from a single source. Some 40 specialist departments, institutes and owner-operated municipal enterprises of the City of Essen and more than 15 affiliated companies are supported in the areas of maintenance, consulting, application development, service desk and networks by around 250 employees. To do so, ESH operated several highly-modern data centres that were equipped together with Bechtle. Their high reliability ensures that central areas such as city administration, museums, public transportation authority, charities of the German Customs Union World Cultural Heritage Site, municipal utilities, Essen Marketing GmbH (EMG), registry office and department of transportation are always ready for action. The ESH works hard every day to ensure that their end customers are happy and that their IT is both stable and secure.

Many of their customers leverage SAP modules to deliver services to their citizens—whether that be local public transportation planning, managing citizen data or other municipal issues. They use, among others, IS-U (Industry Solution Utilities), Human Capital Management, Customer Relationship Management and many other SAP software solutions. ESH supports its customers to operate and develop these SAP-supported business processes.

We were looking to outsource our third level support in the area of SAP operations to someone who knew their way around it, and, in Bechtle, we found exactly what we were looking for. We work together with the colleagues there to plan and implement new and future-oriented SAP technologies.

Oliver Taube, Head of Application Management Associated Companies, Essener Systemhaus


As data centre collaboration between Bechtle and ESH had always been a success, Bechtle was chosen to outsource third level support for the operation of SAP environments too. However, the fact that several of ESH’s customers used SAP made the system landscape quite complex: ESH were juggling over 60 SAP systems and their related support components. To enable staff to focus more on their core tasks, ESH turns to experienced external experts, which is why Bechtle has been supporting the company to run its SAP landscape for over ten years, offering a comprehensive service catalogue and wide-range of services in the fields of SAP basis and technology consultation. The team of experts monitors, controls, patches and updates ESH’s SAP landscapes (including related Oracle and HANA databases), in accordance with Bechtle’s service portfolio and ESH’s exact needs. Bechtle also copies numerous systems, installs enhancement packages and performs both homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations. If the S/4HANA environment is ready for an upgrade, the Bechtle experts advise on the use of new system components and modules. All of this and much more are part of Bechtle’s service portfolio. The company is also available around the clock meaning that they can react to critical alerts within the SAP landscape and are available for service requests between 06:00 and 18:00. These best practice approaches based on ITIL ensure a smooth process, transparency and measurability.

Business benefits.

Bechtle’s over 15 years of experience and expertise ensure total satisfaction at Essener Systemhaus plus a stable SAP landscape for the City of Essen. ESH can seamlessly introduce new applications and the citizens and customers quickly access new services. Essener Systemhaus no longer has to worry so much about running the SAP landscape as Bechtle has taken on a large part of the work.