The more than 200 employees of HDG Bavaria GmbH produce heating systems for wood in the Lower Bavarian district of Rottal-Inn, putting sustainability into practice every day. They know their craft, develop something new from the tried and tested and constantly improve on the good. They research and develop, test alternative biogenic fuels apart from wood and optimise the efficiency of boiler technology through innovative approaches. HDG Bavaria’s IT is also set up in an innovative way. Starting with Microsoft Office and Exchange, the Bavarian boiler manufacturer took the path to the cloud with Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft 365. This was to enable employees to work remotely with the same comfort as at the company location. However, with the migration of services to the cloud, the security checks previously used by the provider on the servers had to be carried out directly in the cloud. HDG was looking for suitable spam mechanisms and control options that cover the previous security on-premise and in the cloud. They were looking for a hybrid solution that is automated as far as possible so as not to place a further burden on the in-house IT.

Our employees should also be able to work and collaborate as a team while working remotely. We already use Microsoft Teams and OneDrive and now wanted to additionally secure the endpoints. With Trend Micro, we have succeeded perfectly thanks to Bechtle. Bechtle was always available for us, reacted quickly and implemented the new solution in the shortest possible time.

Edgar Kloos, IT Manager, HDG Bavaria GmbH – Heizsysteme für Holz


During its own research, HDG Bavaria GmbH came across the manufacturer Trend Micro. Due to years of trusting cooperation, HDG consulted with Bechtle about the possibilities offered by Trend Micro. During an intensive (telephone) consultation, the  wood heating specialist’s IT department explained their own ideas and possibilities. With this inventory analysis, Bechtle, as a Platinum Partner of Trend Micro, presented the software manufacturer’s solutions and compared them with the one in use. We soon realised with the capabilities of the Trend Micro applications to run systems in isolation (sandboxing), the system met all the desired requirements and even improved on them.

Bechtle then provided HDG’s IT with the Trend Micro Apex One as a Service solution, which was used to secure the remote workstations. Using the application, Trend Micro Cloud App Security HDG protects all employee mailboxes from malicious e-mails. It also secures all communication via Teams and file storage in Microsoft OneDrive. With Trend Micro Email Security, Bechtle also integrated the necessary spam mechanisms at HDG to protect all e-mail traffic. The spam gateway filters out all unwanted senders via so-called blacklists and automatically detects viruses and ransomware. But the Trend Micro solution not only protects OneDrive, Teams and e-mails—the security application also protects HDG’s file servers that still exist on-site from attacks. In this way, HDG can outsource further components of its IT environment to the cloud.

The integration of the new Trend Micro security solution took place completely without downtimes and was implemented independently by HDG with the support of Bechtle. HDG has always been in close contact with the specialists at Bechtle, who, as a Platinum Partner of Trend Micro, have a wide range of technical knowledge and expertise regarding Trend Micro’s security solutions.

Business benefits.

With the new security solution from Trend Micro, HDG Bavaria GmbH not only protects the entire Microsoft 365 world with Teams and OneDrive, but thanks to Bechtle’s expertise, many more channels have also been secured than before. The employees are thus safe from external attacks on the company premises and while working remotely  and IT no longer has to monitor communication manually.