NEW is a business that is not only facing the growing challenges posed by digitalisation head on, but is also breaking new ground, not only in terms of what the company does for its customers. NEW also wanted to create a modern workspace for its own employees, and simplify and streamline existing processes while enabling cross-platform mobile working that kept corporate data secure and gave users easy access to their desktop—exactly what Microsoft M365’s modern client management offers. The only question was whether it could guarantee the necessary level of security, which is where Bechtle stepped in to ensure all security-relevant standard were met.

Our employees wanted to be able to work whenever and wherever it worked best for them, and, thanks to Bechtle’s support and using Microsoft M365 Enterprise, that’s exactly what we have achieved. Our goal was to enable every user to simply log in and go, without opening up vulnerabilities or creating a complicated sign-on procedure.

Dennis Köpp, IT Backend, NEW AG


In numerous workshops, Bechtle and NEW discussed the group’s digitalisation strategy and potential challenges during the implementation of Microsoft M365 Enterprise E5. Everything from security to collaboration and cloud computing was examined and no stone left unturned while stacking up desired scenarios against existing standards. The resulting client design is based on Microsoft M365 E5 and includes Office 365, EMS and Windows 10. In a pilot phase, Bechtle and NEW worked together to test Microsoft Azure Active Directory joined-only Windows 10 devices in a production environment. The devices were rolled out using Microsoft Autopilot and Microsoft Intune as an MDM solution for Windows 10 and automatically assigned the necessary security policies and business apps. Any legacy applications that could not be migrated to the cloud or had dependencies in a local Active Directory were provisioned via Citrix. During the implementation of the new client design, Bechtle made sure that all security aspects were considered and was also on hand with advice and support during the implementation of the Microsoft environment and to answer any questions that would arise throughout the project. Based on the general access and security concept the two companies have developed together, and which includes recommendations for assigning user roles, NEW felt ready to allow inbound access to its IT and provide their staff with an easy-to-use mobile end device.

Bechtle and NEW are now consistently monitoring the system to make sure it is being used as Microsoft intended, and introducing new Microsoft M365 features to further simplify existing processes. This means that NEW’S IT department can focus on operations, safe in the knowledge that everything is in line with security policies.

Business benefits.

Thanks to the excellent collaboration between NEW and Bechtle, a new client design was created that revolutionised how people in the company work, all the while making sure security. With Microsoft Intune and simplified device registration using Windows Autopilot, the group’s IT department can integrate new devices into the system at any time. The employees’ client devices connect to the company network no matter where they are and without any hassles on the part of the user meaning they can also work from home or indeed anywhere they choose. In a nutshell, the client design that was created with the help of Bechtle increases mobility, and also simplifies and accelerates future rollouts and device swaps.