Starting point.

PRODINGER Verpackung uses packaging technology, paired with partially and fully automated solutions, to streamline a number of packing processes. It employs more than 45 people in field teams and 230 people in the back office to assist customers personally, working with them to design custom packaging solutions. PRODINGER Verpackung prizes efficient quality management, whether it’s planning an effective packing room or providing an online shop for e-procurement. To meet this goal, employees need up-to-date hardware and software. The company knew it was time for an upgrade when the support agreement for its existing client and server infrastructure was about to expire and it also needed to purchase new licences for its Microsoft applications.


Project objectives.

PRODINGER Verpackung wanted a consistent, modern and standardised client structure with automated management. Data was no longer to be stored locally, but rather on network drives. The company also let employees voice any other requirements they had of their new IT infrastructure.

Our employees need a modern work environment to ensure they come up with the best packaging solutions. Bechtle helped us find the right hardware and software with new Fujitsu clients and Windows 10. Working in tandem with our staff, Bechtle laid out our IT requirements and delivered outstanding results. Now we’re ideally equipped to take on whatever the future holds.

Philip Jahrendt, Head of IT Division, PRODINGER KG


In order to involve the five specialist departments of PRODINGER Verpackung in the planning, Bechtle conducted several joint workshops. Specially selected key users from the departments were present. Bechtle worked with them to develop a uniform overall picture of the requirements and a suitable solution proposal.



Together, the project team designated five standard Fujitsu devices for which Bechtle then developed an appropriate client design and all required group policies. This simplified and modernised both clients and servers, making it easier to roll out the devices and software. For the rollout, Bechtle created a software packaging and distribution plan that met all of PRODINGER Verpackung’s criteria.


This was done using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Current Branch to migrate data from existing systems. From now on, PRODINGER Verpackung’s IT department will handle updates and configure new clients with SCCM. Because Microsoft develops SCCM Current Branch on a continuous basis, the software will continue to meet PRODINGER Verpackung’s requirements in future while also simplifying client support.


Bechtle installed Windows 10 on all clients, introducing the company to a new method of building, deploying and servicing Windows: Windows as a Service (WaaS) with in-place upgrades through the Windows 10 semi-annual channel, which adds new features twice a year. This allows PRODINGER Verpackung to better plan and use its update intervals. Windows 10 also makes patch management and software updates easier, as these updates are handled cumulatively, ensuring that all devices receive all required patches.


Bechtle installed Windows Defender and Windows System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) to safeguard clients and servers. PRODINGER Verpackung uses this to manage policies for its anti-malware software as well as security settings for Windows Firewall on clients in the Configuration Manager hierarchy. The company’s administrators also use BitLocker to encrypt all system drives, hard drives and removable storage media, with encryption keys stored and managed in Active Directory.


Following an initial pilot migration extensively tested by PRODINGER Verpackung’s key users, Bechtle installed Windows 10 on all clients and established new anti-malware and Windows update policies on servers. A special key user supported these efforts by conducting separate sessions to train employees in Windows 10 and Office 2016. As a result, the new environment was accepted much faster. The training sessions also made wise use of the downtime needed to install the new workstations.


Business benefits.

PRODINGER Verpackung’s new Windows-powered Fujitsu clients, installed by Bechtle, are both modern and standardised, making maintenance and updates considerably more efficient. Security was increased and working methods are now more professional thanks to a number of automated functions for software deployment, Windows updates, configurations, hard drive encryption and antivirus definitions. PRODINGER Verpackung’s IT department has consequently been able to step up the quality of its service substantially.