Referenz SDV

SDV Medien+Service GmbH – The benefits of consolidation: A new homogenous IT structure.

The SDV Group develops and produces individual and personalised print products at three locations, offering everything required for direct marketing—printing, improving and processing of dialogue media as well as campaign design and analysis. When it became time for SDV to consolidate their IT on the Dresden site, Bechtle reduced the number of vendors down to three, with the focus squarely on Cisco. The homogeneous IT structure enables compatible updates and integrated features are available throughout the entire system.

Project details.

Referenz SDV
  • Managed Services
  • Dynamic Data Centre
  • Manufacturing
  • Cisco
  • 250–1,500 employees


    Direct mail marketing has to be quickly, precisely and reliably produced and the data processed kept secure, which is why the SDV Group consistently invests in technological innovations. Only in this way is it possible for the company to keep up with the growing demands of the three locations in Dresden, Weidenberg and Bamberg. Central IT services such as cross-site management information systems plus the high-performance machinery used for offset/digital printing and processing need to be able to grow with the company’s dynamic ideas. In addition, it’s crucial that IT is highly-available and provisioned throughout the company. The technology used has to transmit the data required without an errors and in compliance with the provisions of the EU GDPR. Highly-available IT ensures secure processes for the SDV Group’s information logistics. As the leasing contract for the current IT infrastructure was coming to an end, SDV were on the look-out for a new concept which enabled them to keep their software environment, but upgrade to more future-ready hardware that would avoid redundancies and improve endpoint security.

    Thanks to Bechtle’s highly committed employees, sales, project management and SDV collaborated perfectly. Extensive IT infrastructure planning with the sales staff helped us to ensure that there were no unforeseen surprises in the project implementation phase and everything went according to plan.

    Jochen Schreib, Head of Central Services, SDV Medien+Service GmbH