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Bechtle Cisco Subscription Service.


Your service for flexible licencing models.

Over the last few years, there has been a growing tendency to procure IT solutions as a service and these are increasingly being deployed directly from the cloud as subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) models. This shift is fundamentally changing relationships and collaboration between manufacturers and their customers with direct contact between the two often a challenge, but intensive and accessible support is more crucial than ever.

At Cisco, basic manufacturer support is included in the subscriptions, but cannot be accessed via a single point of contact. With the Bechtle Cisco Subscription Service, you have an add-on package that provides you with a direct line to Bechtle.

With Bechtle by your side, you have a specialist you can rely on, offering you the support you have come to expect. You can be sure your IT infrastructure is in good hands and have a single point of contact for everything from traditional hardware to new licencing models.

The shift towards subscription models is unmistakable and is the future for many manufacturers—including Cisco. With the Bechtle Cisco Subscription Service, you have a package of services to hand that will secure your future today.

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Our benefits at a glance.

Bechtle experts available 24×7
Standardised ticket opening
From a single source
Individual licence term adjustment

Cisco licence.

Incl. Cisco Basic Support


If you have opted for a Cisco licence model, Cisco Basic Support is included free of charge.

Cisco Basic Support includes the following services:

  • Technical support via the Cisco TAC
  • Software updates
  • English communication
Everything from a single source with the Bechtle Cisco Subscription Service.


To guarantee extensive support, Bechtle offers Bechtle Cisco Subscription Service as an add-on package.

Available licencing models are Collaboration Flex Plans, E-mail, Web security and ISE-Subscription.

Our Bechtle services.
Bechtle Cisco Subscription Service.

German and English

Coordination of support units

Software deployment

Bechtle single point of contact



System recovery



Available licencing models:

  • Collaboration Flex Plans
  • E-mail security
  • Web security

Team Lead Product Management Cisco

Mathias Deufel



With Bechtle by your side, you have a strong partner. Many manufacturers offer their own service, but this often doesn't cover the requirements of our customers. This is where Bechtle comes in and closes the gap with industry insights, specialist knowledge and the local language.

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