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In its products, Acer unites the best of hardware and software to empower the future right where it begins—in schools and universities, advancing the experience of students and staff
who are no longer tethered to desks and blackboards and free to explore all new, innovative methods of teaching and learning.


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Modern learning promotes digital life skills.

Following the early use of tablets as educational aids in the classroom, teaching staff began to see that the evolving landscape of digital learning was stretching beyond the limits of what you can do with these devices. Using technology merely to access content inside and outside the classroom is no longer enough. Students need devices, tools, and instructions to understand, analyse and resolve problems, and ultimately find solutions that no one has thought of before. In the digital transformation of education, Germany is lagging behind countries such as Denmark or the Netherlands, where this new paradigm is particularly visible. As the first generation of classroom devices is making way for the next, there is now a clear preference for more powerful and convertible notebooks.

Windows 11 and Acer TravelMate Spin devices offer a powerful, secure, and trusted environment for digital learning. Windows 11’s key functions, including a revamped desktop, the Edge browser, snap layouts, widgets and Microsoft Teams, along with a seamless touch, pen and voice experience, help your students achieve their full potential and effectively co-create and collaborate.

Acer for Education
Acer TravelMate Spin.
Convertible notebooks for a better learning experience.


Convertible notebooks have been designed for demanding school environments and can last the whole day with a battery life of 12 hours between charges. Exciting features such as a 360° hinge, comfortable keyboard and active stylus mean you can switch easily between classic notebook and a touch-controlled tablet modes. Besides putting online research and educational apps at finger and stylus tips, the addition of a chiclet keyboard offers a comfortable and ergonomic typing experience. The included active stylus included has more than 4,200 levels of pressure sensitivity that enable students to take notes intuitively and develop their writing skills individually. According to a study, the way students interact with a computer makes a big difference—using a stylus improves learning results by about 25-36% (Computer Interfaces and Their Impact on Learning by Sharon Oviatt). An additional back-facing camera enables easier capture of educational videos and a better remote learning experience.

Military-grade durability means the devices can withstand drops up to 122 cm.

The spill-resistant keyboard can withstand up to 330 ml of water and has sturdy, mechanically anchored keys. Thanks to an antimicrobial coating and a three-year warranty as well as Acer support and repair service on-site in Germany, these devices are a sustainable and affordable digital learning solution for students and teachers.

Equip your classroom with Acer Windows devices.
Windows 11
Acer TravelMate Spin P4

For teachers.
Acer TravelMate Spin B3.



Acer TravelMate Spin B3

For students.
Acer TravelMate Spin P4.



Acer for Education

Acer Classroom Manager.
Control your classroom.

With Acer Classroom Manager (ACM), teachers can see what students are doing and check their progress, test students and so much more. Discover ACM for free on all Windows-based Acer devices.

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Windows 11 for education.
Simpler and more secure.

Empower your students, teachers, and schools to unlock their full potential with the most secure, accessible Windows for learning in the classroom and beyond.

Deliver a high-quality learning platform for students of all abilities. Protect students, teachers and schools from cyberthreats, no matter where they are joining from. Achieve consistent performance on a raft of devices that are easy to deploy, manage and use, building on a secure and trusted platform that that has been purpose-built for education.

Efficient deployment and management throughout the entire lifecycle.

Cloud-based solutions for device management, such as Microsoft Intune help to deploy devices faster and minimise downtime. Modern endpoint management enables the (initial) remote configuration and maintenance without the need for any physical interaction of IT staff. Endpoint management solutions such as Microsoft Intune Education enable the management of different endpoints such as laptops, smartphones and tablets across operating systems and manufacturers while protecting information and identities.

This makes it very easy to assign different profiles in the classroom, enabling teachers and IT to focus on the important things.

Acer for Education
Did you know?
Acer for Education
Perfectly equipped for the classroom –
With Acer parent payment plans.

Parent payment plans are the ideal way to give every child a modern learning environment. Digital media are the perfect supplement for the classroom and support individual, independent learning. Bechtle offers different payment plans to spread the cost of providing the best equipment for your child. Together, we will identify the ideal device and accessories, along with the right software and other services.


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