Apple and Cisco – A strong partnership.


IT giants Apple and Cisco work together to develop security, network and collaboration solutions to make your Apple devices more secure and more powerful while also ensuring that you are able to work even more effectively within your Cisco network.


Wi-Fi is arguably the most popular way to access a corporate network. Channeling their combined expertise in networking and mobile computing, Apple and Cisco have developed an extremely robust wireless enterprise network that delivers an even better wireless experience on Apple devices.


With new features like Wi-Fi optimisation for iOS, Fast Lane and Wi-Fi Analytics for iOS, many of these benefits are natively integrated into the network and operating system of Apple devices. Users benefit from a fantastic wireless experience on their Apple devices, not only while working but also when they need support if they experience issues!



Mobile working and the use of cloud services on the go are topics that are growing in importance. Even outside the corporate network, security is becoming more than just a critical component. Apple and Cisco work together to secure your mobile business environment, reduce cyber risks and increase productivity.


Together, they offer the maximum in transparency and control for iOS devices used across your organisation. In this way, Apple and Cisco open up new possibilities for companies to introduce and manage iOS—whether the device is used at home, within the corporate network, in a café on the road or on the train.


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These days, it’s rare that successful solutions are borne from an individual’s idea alone, but rather they come from collaboration between a variety of specialists, who can be widely scattered within and outside a company.

Integrating Cisco WebEx Teams and Meetings plus Cisco Jabber in iOS facilitates excellent communication. Use Siri for calls, or make use of the newest integrations and take part in meetings, seamlessly sharing your screen and contents with a simple tap on calendar notifications. Show your global team a 3D object with just a few clicks—a completely new way to collaborate!


The partnership is bearing fruit in office environments, too. iOS users can seamlessly connect their iPhone or iPad to WebEx devices and work with crystal-clear audio and video meetings that could make all the difference for your company.



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