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Work better, smarter and more productively.


With Bechtle and Apple, your company can do just that.

The Mac. The right product for your business.

Apple has been one of the leading manufacturers in terms of design and functionality for years. An increasing number of companies are discovering the benefits of Macs for professionals—in the office or warehouse, for maintenance, in the field or simply for optimising workflows. Explore the benefits for yourself!


Apple and Bechtle. Perfect solutions for your business.

We wouldn’t be Bechtle if you couldn’t expect complete, integrated Apple mobility strategies and solutions in your company, developed together with our competence teams for network, server & storage, software, and mobile computing—and in close cooperation with our local systems integrators. The focus is always on your users’ productivity and simple manageability for your IT administrators.


See for yourself—as an Enterprise Reseller we can offer you the perfect solution for your Apple project!

The Mac. The right product for your business.


It’s increasingly important to make sure you choose the right device. If you want to increase employee productivity, you have to understand their needs in order to be able to offer the right equipment.


There are already companies letting their employees decide for themselves which devices to use. Weather it’s a notebook or desktop, every Mac is packed with the latest technologies, advanced features, and reliable security for all types of business needs. Never before has such a boost in performance and productivity been so easily available to companies. Give your employees the chance to work smarter and more productively and see the benefits of a Mac in Business for yourself!


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Benefits at a glance.

Macs can be easily integrated into an existing IT infrastructure. 
Macs requires less support and incurs fewer licence fees than a PC.
Macs can be managed together with Windows PCs and Windows can be used on the Mac. 
Mac OS and updates are always freely available. 
Security features integrated in the Mac OS protect against viruses and malware.
The Mac is always ready to use thanks to the perfect integration of hardware and software.
Mac’s ease-of-use and high portability make it attractive to employees.
The Mac works perfectly with iPhone and iPad.
Apple's focus is durability. On average, a Mac lasts longer than a PC. 
The Mac represents digital innovation that in turn motivates employees.
Apple is the world leader in “green IT”.

See the Mac in action for yourself.

Try out the new MacBook Pro with TouchBar in your environment.


Test a Mac overview:

  • Choose between a MacBook Pro 33.8 cm (13.3“) and 39.1 cm (15.4“) with TouchBar
  • Test them for up to 3 weeks
  • One MacBook Pro is available per company for testing
  • Testing and delivery are free of charge



Apple and Bechtle.
Perfect solutions for your business.

The DEP (Device Enrollment Program) is a quick and easy way to make company Macs and iOS devices ready for use.


DEP facilitates initial set-up by simplifying registration with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and also provides support. This lets you, as the customer, configure your devices without ever having to touch them.


With DEP, device deployment is no longer a process of manual configuration— now users receive their devices in their original packaging and these are then automatically configured. As soon as the device is turned on, account settings, apps and access to company services are all wirelessly configured and ready to use, meaning the IT department doesn't even need to get its hands on  them during the configuration process.

As a DEP-authorised partner, Bechtle can help you with set-up and deployment.

The VPP allows your organisation to easily pick apps and to buy and deploy them in large numbers. You can buy apps for Mac and iOS in the VPP store. Purchase VPP credits that can be redeemed at the VPP Store.


With the help of flexible and secure distribution options, you can deploy first-class, ready-for-use premium Apple products to your employees—on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Assign apps to users or groups using Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions so they remain your property and you have complete control over your content.


You can also get custom B2B apps for iOS, created by other developers specifically for you and available privately through the VPP Store. 

Only with the right strategy can your business take full advantage of the benefits offered by mobile communication. Bechtle has extensive experience and specialised knowledge in mobile enterprise management with its Competence Centre Mobile Solutions. Our mobility experts and IT consultants can help you choose the ideal Apple products and solutions that best suit your individual requirements.


Our 5-point mobility plan is an integrated solution that simplifies Apple device management while providing maximum protection. Each of the five modules ensures you get the right solution.

Together, we can help you develop a strategic plan of action and create the optimal strategy for your company.

As an authorised Apple Service Provider, we offer the following services:

  • Access to Apple Service Tools
  • Access to original replacement parts
  • Access to Apple resources and Apple expertise
  • Bechtle single and double-swap service
  • Individual preparation of devices and pre-fabrication of shipping boxes
  • Bechtle’s own Apple service packs for extending the manufacturer's warranty by up to 36 months
  • Transparent fixed prices for budget planning of the repair process
  • Qualified data erasure in compliance with BSI provisions and erasure protocol

  • Qualified disposal in compliance with environmental regulations and standards

  • Technical support from a single source
  • Apple hardware coverage
  • Software support included
In effect, we take on the complete lifecycle management for you (roll-out/repair/roll-back/waste disposal and remarketing).

Get your iPhone, iPad or Mac at unbeatable conditions. When you sign a 24-month leasing contract, you pay only 79% of the purchase price spread over the duration of the contract. And you also have the option of upgrading to the latest model at the end of the leasing contract. Sound good? It is!

Advantages at a glance.
  • You get the latest hardware
  • You stay financially flexible
  • Pay only 79% of the purchase price over the contract duration



What we provide.


  • Leasing contract for 24 or 36 months with a proportion of new Apple devices ≥ 80 %.
  • Total for 24-month lease: 79% of purchase price, 36-month lease: 88% of purchase price (for iPhones 24-month lease only)
  • Valid for a purchase value ≥ €500 excl. VAT The offer is subject to an approved credit check
  • Handling Fee: €75 excl. VAT
  • Valid for business customers in Germany
  • Valid for Mac, iPad & iPhone
Take advantage of Bechtle’s top conditions and flexible financing!
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