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Ad hoc solutions, custom developments, redundant data storage and a lack of mapped out processes–those are some of the big challenges facing effective IT support of business processes.Easy-to-integrate, future-ready solutions are required that can map out the individual business processes, increase employee productivity and make data available in real time for business-critical decisions. Together with leading vendors, Bechtle provides your business with integrated solutions that are tailored to meet all your business requirements—from the conceptual strategy to invoicing, marketing and sales.–The following is a selection of our partners and their solutions for mobilising business processes through individual app solutions:

Showpad – Showpad Sales Enablement Platform.

Showpad lets your business transform your tablets into valuable sales tools that can also display any presentation. The system lets you share up-to-date content in a controlled way that also conforms to company branding rules and gives you detailed insights into the use of data. The platform is a major benefit to sales employees and managers, but also to customers.

Provantis – ZEP.

ZEP – time recording for projects (Zeiterfassung für Projekte) is a proven web-based solution for project-oriented work that has been in use by people in the know since 2000. ZEP lets you record actual time worked when the work was actually done, and it also records who performed the work. ZEP requires nothing more than a standard web browser on your PC or tablet. As an option, the ZEP app can also be used on your iPhone or iPad to record mobile working time.

SAGE – Sage Live.

Sage Live is a flexible and mobile accounting solution. Analyze your business's information in real time, so you can look ahead and control your business from the palm of your hand.Your sales, financial, CRM and business data can be accessed from a central, mobile hub–whenever and wherever you happen to be. Take advantage of the reliable cloud infrastructure. With Sage Live, not only do you have an overview of all your transactions at all times, you can also create invoices and reports even when you're not in the office. You can also integrate your favourite mobile and web apps.

TeamDrive – TeamDrive Sync & Share Solution.

Benefit from the easy-to-use TeamDrive Sync & Share solution in the cloud or on premise on your own hardware. TeamDrive is scalable, reliable and can be easily adapted to meet your individual requirements. With TeamDrive, your employees have a secure place to save their files and you maintain the control. Share your data comfortably and easily: Collaborate on documents and track every change made at any time with free server selection.– And from anywhere right from your iPhone or iPad app.


FinalCAD is an innovative mobile CAD solution for the entire life cycle of a building. And that applies to the contractor, the general contractor, the site manager and the architect. 

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