ARTICONA Verpackungsmassnahmen

Sustainable packaging with ARTICONA.

Rethink. Reduce. Recycle.

We at ARTICONA are committed to finding sustainable alternatives for our packaging materials. 

In doing so, we want to reduce our impact on the environment by keeping our waste to a minimum.


We have strict packaging requirements and only work with manufacturers that can fulfil them.


Our packaging has been reduced to an absolute minimum to eliminate unnecessary waste and protect valuable resources.


We predominantly use recyclable and biodegradable materials in place of plastic.

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Not sure how to recognise our environmentally-friendly products?

Just look out for our ECO Friendly label.

Articona Verpackung
What we have achieved so far.
Articona Verpackungsmassnahmen







A large number of our patch, USB and HDMI cables are available without any plastic packaging.

Articona Verpackungsmassnahmen
Articona Verpackungsmassnahmen



Even our smallest items like our USB-C adapters feel right at home in their snug packaging that helps us save valuable resources.

ALL packaging for our approx. 380 ink and toner cartridges has already been changed to recyclable materials. Our Recycling Programme has also helped us significantly reduce our greenhouse gases and raw materials.


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Articona Verpackungsmassnahmen

We are adding new products almost every day,

bringing us closer
to our 2023 goal.