Desk-based Worker

Desk-based worker.

Spends the majority of time at the office. Works from home now and again. 

The desk-based worker has a fixed workplace at the office and can generally be found roaming there over a fixed period of time. Desktops and monitors are perfectly adjusted to suit this worker’s sitting position and they also have a desk phone and a cup with their name on in the kitchen. These workers are increasingly using notebooks to take notes in meetings and to enable them to work from home, which is why they also have docking stations on their desks. When not in the office, these workers use software such as Teams and Jabber to make calls.



Articona Tastatur

Their office desk has to have a keyboard and we happen to have a wide-range of wired and wireless models. Standard, extra quiet and water-proof – we have the perfect keyboard for your staff.
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Articona Maus

What’s a keyboard without a mouse? We have wired, ergonomic, water-proof mice with dongles and even Bluetooth. Find the one that’s best for you.



Articona Dockingstation

These days pretty much everyone uses a notebook. A docking station means you don’t have to spend an age connecting various cables before you can get down to work, helping you work more efficiently and avoid cable clutter. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of options.



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