Dell PowerEdge servers with AMD EPYC™ processors.


Leverage the outstanding performance of Dell PowerEdge servers combined with AMD EPYC processors for optimal data centre performance. Ever-increasing and changing workloads pose enormous challenges to your IT infrastructure. Meet them with outstanding performance, efficient management solutions and innovative security concepts.

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The PowerEdge AMD portfolio at a glance.

Regardless of the requirements in your data centre, the wide range of individual configuration options provides you with a suitable solution. Both 1- and 2-socket systems with AMD EPYC™ processors can be optimally assembled in different height units to meet your needs.






  • 1-HE-Rack-Server mit hoher Dichte, der Spitzenleistung und hervorragende Gesamtbetriebskosten
  • Für Virtualisierung, HCI und Netzwerkfunktionsvirtualisierung
  • skalierbarer 2-HE-Rack-Server mit 1 Sockel, der hohe Leistung und herausragende Gesamtbetriebskosten
  • Für Virtualisierung, SDS, Datenanalyse
  • hochgradig konfigurierbarer 1-HE-Rack-Server mit zwei Sockeln
  • Für  High Performance Computing  und VDI
  • 2-HE-Server mit Herausragende Performance und flexible Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten
  • Für Datenanalyse, All Flash SDS und VDI

1 Sockel

2 Sockel


The full power of CPU and GPU for outstanding computing performance.





  • 4-HE-Rack-Server
  • Highest possible core count with AMD Epyc processors
  • Combines with up to 4 Nvidia graphics cards
  • For GPU virtualisation, high performance computing and machine learning

2 Socket



HCI - The next step in your data centre.

AMD EPYC processors can also be a building block of a hyperconverged infrastructure. Dell EMC VxRail offers you a possible entry point with the E-series and the P-series based on AMD processors.

  • VxRail E665 and E665F with AMD EPYC processor
  • Easy scaling models with various memory option
  • Ideal for general virtualised workloads, VDI and databases
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