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The new Dell Wyse 5070.

One platform. Every need.

Introducing Dell’s Wyse 5070—the most versatile, scalable and capable thin client ever positioned for the mid-range—setting the new standard for price/performance. The performance scalability of the 5070 extends the reach of thin clients deeper into organisations where thin clients might not have been previously considered. 


With the latest quad-core thin client processors, faster DDR4 RAM and True 4K graphics, the this thin client delivers performance that can’t be beaten at a comparable price. And with over 1,600 commercial and 750 TAA configurations, nothing offers the same versatility for every use case.


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What makes the 5070 unique?




  • Expand the security, manageability and cost benefits of thin clients deeper into your organisation
  • Configure the Wyse 5070 as an economic task worker station or as a power user client utilising 3D design apps on multiple 4K monitors
  • Access Citrix, Microsoft and VMware VDI environments on various operating systems





  • Supports cloud applications enabling rich content creation and consumption, HD video, unified communications and high-end graphics
  • Forward-looking features like multiple integrated DisplayPorts™, USB 3.1 Type-C ports, multiple networking options, and an integrated CAC/SmartCard reader help ensure an extended, productive lifespan years into the future




True 4K graphics:

  • Breath-taking 3,840 x 2,160 UHD resolution for the growing number of apps and content that can take advantage of this ultra-sharp, ultra-rich experience
  • Select the optional AMD Radeon 9173 graphics card to enable up to six displays, four at 4K and two at 2K resolutions.
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