HP Care Pack Services – save yourself time and hassle.


The faster things get back to normal after hardware problems, the better.

HP Care Pack Services offer an easily available, user-friendly portfolio of high-quality service packs to expand and extend warranty coverage for HP hardware. We can help you quickly solve issues, improve printer operating times and avoid unexpected repair costs so you can achieve better business results.

HP Care Pack Services support you in the following ways:

Cost control.

Avoid unexpected costs and time delays for the whole life of your product. Repair prices are usually higher than the purchase price of a 3-year HP Care Pack Service.


Product management.

The appropriate HP Care Pack ensures the correct care and maintenance for your PC and printer, extending their life cycle and enabling you to better plan for the purchase of replacements.


Flexible support.

Employees in remote or home office can manage their own support, without the help of the IT department.

Operating time optimisation.

Get your PCs and printers quickly back up and running. Support on the same or next working day ensures short repair times for business critical systems.


Business optimisation.

Guarantee productivity by protecting your notebook against accidents, reducing the risk of theft, ensuring correct maintenance of your printers and using our data back up and recovery services.


Protecting the Environment.

Reduce your company's impact on the environment by extending the life of your PCs and printers through efficient care and maintenance.

Overview of HP Care Pack Services:

You have the choice between a variety of service levels, from collect and exchange, on-site services to fixed repair and recovery times.

HP Hardware Support, centralised repair, collect and delivery service.

Important services:

  • Fault diagnosis and technical telephone support
  • Collection and delivery of faulty units to the responsible HP repair centre
  • Working hours and replacement parts included
  • Return of the ready-to-use unit to your location within 3-7 days
  • Standard service times


HP Hardware Support, on-site service within four hours.

Important services:

  • Response time within 4 hours
  • Fault diagnosis and support
  • German language telephone support
  • Dedicated telephone support number
  • On-site hardware support
  • Working hours and replacement parts included
  • Flexible service windows and reaction times due to a wide range of service levels
  • Escalation management

HP Hardware Support, next business day exchange service.

Important services:

  • Device exchange
  • Original configuration recovery
  • Network integration, if necessary
  • Joint functionality review with the user
  • HP is responsible for packaging and shipping
  • Minimal downtime
  • High-quality HP support


ADP damage protection, DMR service und HP on-site service worldwide (Travel).

Accidental Damage Protection Service (ADP) covers accidental breaks or damage. Included in this are all mechanical or electrical damage caused by sudden mechanical stress, electrical shocks, overloads or unforeseen events that are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

The DMR service (Defective Media Retention) allows customers to retain hard drives during repairs so as to protect sensitive data. This means that confidential data does not end up in the hands of third parties.

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