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The future of Wi-Fi.

These days, a reliable Wi-Fi connection isn’t just nice to have, it’s essential. Whether for office workers, on production lines, in warehouses or for customers, good availability, coverage and speeds are critical. 
As organisations outfit new buildings or upgrade existing Wi-Fi deployments, the introduction of Aruba’s 802.11ax access points will provide the performance and future proofing needed to deliver enhanced services for years to come.

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What is 802.11ax and why do I need it?

802.11Ax (Wi-Fi 6) enables faster and more efficient Wi-Fi than ever before. Thanks to new features, several clients can transmit simultaneously thereby increasing network capacity to four times that of 802.11ac.
Find out more about the new 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard. This latest standard addresses today’s biggest Wi-Fi challenges: performance and the increasing density of devices and diversity of applications.
The objective of Wi-Fi 6 is to achieve a more efficient simultaneous supply of end devices via the Wi-Fi connection. It’s not speeds that are in the spotlight anymore but network capacity and optimal throughput to the various end devices. Several devices with differing bandwidths need to be supplied in parallel to transmit data instead of competing with each other.

802.11Ax made easy.

Let’s compare the technology with adding extra lanes to a motorway, and each of these lanes is now an high-occupancy vehicle lane. Using carpools or buses allows people to use the freeway more efficiently, and ultimately relieves congestion. This also applies, for example, to data packets for latency-sensitive voice traffic. Data traffic is pooled into a transport allowing for multiple conversations to happen at once. In addition, the Multi-User Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MU MIMO) function has been enhanced in 802.11ax compared to its predecessor, 802.11ac. Now, up to 8 devices can transmit simultaneously using a dedicated channel per device. 

HPE Aruba Wifi
Want to find out what other benefits 802.11ax holds?

Download the Aruba Whitepaper and find out how you can save energy with Target Wake Time (TWT) and how the new ax standard handles IoT devices (e.g. sensors) with an enhanced mode. These and other features explained in plain English in the following whitepaper.



Overview of other Wi-Fi 6 benefits.
Security WPA 3

While the 802.11ax standard does not specify any new security enhancements, Aruba’s 802.11ax access points will include WPA3 and Enhanced Open, making open networks safer where guest access and shared passwords are used.

High Performance

The multi-user feature (OFDMA) means that multiple devices with varying bandwidth needs can be served simultaneously. Each end device is simultaneously planned for parallel data transfer.

Bluetooth 5 & Zigbee for IoT

With an increasing number of mobile and IoT devices relying on wireless access, networks must be able to detect and serve a wide range of device types, applications and services, Which is why the Aruba Wi-Fi 6 access points are equipped with Bluetooth and Zigbee.

Green AP – Energy Efficiency

The access points use NetInsight analyses to automatically switch to sleep mode when there are no devices nearby that require a Wi-Fi connection and then wake up again when users and devices come into range. In addition. individual devices are pushed onto another access point so that those that are not being used as much can go into sleep mode. 

Get to know the Aruba 802.11ax access points.

Access Points for Indoor Use

Aruba access points not only support the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, but also several form factors for use in every environment. The robust models also meet high requirements for extreme temperatures and humidity.


HPE Wifi6 – Aruba Access Points Innenbereiche

Access Points for Outdoor Use

The Aruba access Points for outdoor use deliver seamless connectivity for large public areas such as parks, car parks and loading ramps.


HPE Aruba Wifi6 – Access Points Außenbereiche