Lenovo Client Services.

The right service option for your Lenovo device.

Lenovo offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that support the full lifecycle of your Lenovo devices. From planning and deployment to device recovery, for each phase you can be sure of the perfect services backed up by extensive expertise. Depending on the machine type and base warranty, Lenovo offers a wide range of warranty options for your clients.

Lenovo offers a wide range of warranty options for your clients, dependent on the machine type and base warranty.

Hotline support hours
Premier Support

Premier Support Plus

Hotline support hours
7 × 24 × 365
7 × 24 × 365
Repair support for defective devices
On-site service 

Repairs are carried out at the customers’ site or at an agreed location.

Lenovo technician team incl. level 2 support

The technical account manager works in the background coordinating the customer/technicians/sales when it comes to escalations and complex issues.

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Support with software issues

For PC-related OEM software (e.g. Microsoft OS)

x x
Prioritising spare parts

Preferred allocation of spare parts to minimise downtime

x x
Access to the Lenovo Service Connect Portal

For opening and tracking service tickets; customer-specific dashboards and analyses

x x
Predictive problem identification

With service case creation

x x x
Bundle with protection services

(Sealed Battery up to 3 years, Keep Your Drive, Accidental Damage Protection, International Services Entitlement)

x x x
Coverage for non-Think devices
x x x
Service Engagement Manager

Proactive reports on the status of the PC fleet and customer relationship management

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Lenovo On-site Service.

Lenovo’s On-site service covers parts and labour for repairs where the repair is carried out on-site at your place of business. If Lenovo determines your product problem is covered by the product warranty and cannot be resolved over the phone, a technician will be dispatched to arrive on-site.

Lenovo Premier Support.

Dedicated access to local, advanced troubleshooting and end-to-end case management.

The following PDF is available in german language only.
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Why Premier Support?

You need a support infrastructure that offers consistent excellence across the globe. Lenovo™ Premier Support provides direct access to the most elite technicians for unscripted troubleshooting and comprehensive software support. In addition, you’ll have access to Technical Account Managers, with in-depth knowledge of your business, that offer proactive relationship and escalation management. Lenovo™ Premier Support for excellence, every step of the way.

  • One single point of contact in the support organisation
  • Enhanced productivity through minimisation of the time needed to solve issues
  • Comprehensive problem resolution by experienced technicians
  • Enhanced experience thanks to fewer support steps

Upgrade options

To ensure your business gets the perfect service bundle, Lenovo offers the option to upgrade your Premier Support with several add-ons. If you choose Premier Support Plus, these add-ons are a whole raft of additional services are already included. Select from the following options to tailor your Lenovo client to your specific needs:

Lenovo Keep Your Drive.

Keep Your Drive lets you keep a defective drive that can be replaced within the framework of the limited Lenovo manufacturer’s warranty. The data on the drive stays within your custody, improving security and potentially alleviating civil liability risks.

The following PDF is available in german language only.

Download data sheet

Lenovo Accidental Damage Protection.

With Lenovo’s Accidental Damage Protection, your system is protected from the unexpected Through our global network of depot repair centres, PCs are repaired by Lenovo-certified technicians using Lenovo-qualified parts. If it is not damaged beyond repair, the end users’ own PC is returned, and if repair is not possible, the entire system will be replaced at no additional charge

The following PDF is available in german language only.

Download data sheet

Lenovo Sealed Battery.

Lenovo’s selected PCs incorporate a battery specifically designed for ultra-thin products. This sealed, non-Customer Replaceable Unit (non-CRU) battery is designed to last three years under normal usage, and with Rapid Charge Technology charges 2,5 times faster than typical ThinkPad batteries Doesn’t a better battery deserve better protection? Extend your 1-year base battery warranty to a 2 or 3-year Sealed Battery Warranty.

The following PDF is available in german language only.

Download data sheet

International Warranty.

Already included in the basic warranty for all Think products. Must be purchased as a separate add-on to extend validity.

The international warranty extension enables you to make use of the service when travelling in certain countries outside the country of purchase where available. This allows you to use your equipment hassle-free in any country with on-site service.


Lenovo Premier Support Plus.

With Lenovo’s Premier Support Plus, you can be sure your clients are well-protected into the future. As with Premier Support, you get a support infrastructure of consistent quality you can rely on plus direct access to Lenovo's best service technicians who provide personal troubleshooting and comprehensive software support. Personal technical account managers serve as an interface between the various parties and push for the fastest possible resolution so you can rest at ease with proactive reports on the status of your PC fleet ensuring issues are identified before they even become a problem. In addition, you’ll benefit from a max. 3-year warranty for sealed batteries, accidental damage protection that provides free replacements for irreparably damaged devices, plus the option to keep your hard drive during repairs so you are always in control of your data. And thanks to international warranty coverage, you get all that no matter where you are in the world.

Download data sheet

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