Lenovo Edge Servers.




Today, remote locations are forced to make a choice between underpowered IOT gateways and PCs, or overpowered and non-rugged datacentre centric servers. Now they have an option – a right-sized compact compute and storage server designed specifically to meet the needs of remote locations.



The SE350 is designed to virtualise traditional IT and OT applications as well as new transformative IOT and AI systems, providing the processing power, storage, accelerator, and networking techniques required for today’s Edge workloads.



The ThinkSystem SE350 is an Intel® Xeon® D-based, normal-width, and short-depth server that can go anywhere. It can be hung on a wall, stacked on a shelf, or mounted in a rack. This rugged Edge server can handle temperatures from 0-55°C as well as tolerance to locations with high-dust and vibration.


Edge Server.

The ThinkSystem SE350 is the latest workhorse for the Edge. Designed and built with the unique requirements for Edge servers in mind, it is versatile enough to stretch the limitations of server locations, providing a variety of connectivity and security options and easily managed with Lenovo XClarity Controller. The ThinkSystem SE350 is a rugged compact-sized Edge solution with a focus on smart connectivity, business security, and manageability for the harsh environment.



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