ThinkShield for Lenovo ThinkPads.



Security vulnerabilities are generally invisible. No-one knows they are there. Until one day.... And then you’ll really pay the price.


To effectively protect your enterprise against security breaches, Lenovo has developed ThinkShield – a complete security solution with 4 components: Device security, identity security, online security and data security. 
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Device security.

Data breaches cost an average of $3.62 million.1

Protect your device from theft and unauthorized access – even when you’re not right there with it.




Lenovo ThinkPad Privacy Guard. 

Protect your screen from prying eyes! Reduce the angle of vision with a key stroke so that visual hackers don’t stand a chance.

Lenovo ThinkShutter. 

Is someone spying on you through the webcam? The mechanical cover puts paid to that.

Smart USB Protections. 

Block USB port data transfer capabilities. Simple yet effective.

Secure Docking. 

The notebook is physically locked to the docking station so opportunistic thieves don’t stand a chance.

Instantly deployable pre-installations

The system is pre-installed ex works including 5 scripts deployed by the customer, and so there is no gateway created by third party software,

Asset tagging service.

Clear tagging using adhesive tape, engravings or even at BIOS level effectively put off thieves.

Identity security.

Every 2 SECONDS, a person’s identity is compromised. This is the most common form of data misuse.2

Prevent unauthorized access with secure biometrics, facial recognition, and other authentication procedures.




FIDO (Fast Identity Online).

Software-based authentication for online logins and protected payment transactions according to the global industry standard.

Intel multi-factor authentication.

Additional hardware-based authentication stops identity thieves in their tracks.

Match-on-Chip fingerprint scanner.

Biometric fingerprints are secured on your own chip and out of reach of hackers.


Gives IT admins quick, remote access for risk evaluation, prevention and support.

IR camera for face recognition with Windows 10 Hello.

Simple authentication with your face and a glance at the camera.

Online security.

75% of all organisations fell victim to phishing attacks in 2017.3

Connect securely and prevent identity theft, malware, and phishing.



Keep attacks at bay with virtualisation and sandboxing.

Lenovo WiFi Security.

Open your eyes to untrustworthy or malicious networks! 

Lenovo Unified Workspace.

Secure provisioning of Apps and content by the IT department.


Easy device management irrespective of operating system or hardware.

Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX).

Hardware-based encryption of memory content to isolate and protect sensitive code.

Data security.

2.6 billion data sets were stolen in 2017.4

Prevent stolen or lost data on and off your device, and meet disclosure regulations.




HDD retention.

Keep Your Drive service even in the case of a warranty claim and delete sensitive data according to company regulations.


Intelligent encryption for effective data protection and creation of company-wide compliance.

Online Data Backup (OLDB).

Simple and automated backup of company data in the cloud

USB secure hard drive.

Save your data externally and fully encrypt it with a numerical password!

Intel Remote Secure Erase.

Secure remote erasure of an Intel SSD Pro drive by IT experts on an AMT-compatible device.

BitLocker drive encryption.

Your sensitive data are secured through integrated encryption methods in the operating system—even in the case of theft or loss.

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Your personal account manager will be happy to help you with regard to the numerous security features provided by ThinkShield for Lenovo ThinkPads. We’re happy to create a security solution tailored to your company.



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