Logitech Rally Bar.

The all-in-one video bar for medium-sized rooms.

The Logitech Rally Bar offers a powerful all-in-one video conference experience with brilliant 4K, automated pan, tilt and zoom functions and excellent sound for medium-sized rooms with up to 12 people.

Set new standards and enjoy cinematic video conferencing!
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USB mode: You can connect the Rally Bar via USB to practically any PC or Mac without needing additional software. Start your conference as usual via your computer.

Appliance mode: Use video conference applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams Rooms and many more on the device without requiring a computer or notebook.

Cable routing: The Rally Bar provides tidy and reliable installations thanks to secure cable management and minimal cabling requirements.

Mounting options: The Rally Bar can be mounted in several ways, allowing fast and easy provision in any medium-sized room.



Improve the experience with 4K cinema quality, excellent colours and unparalleled optical accuracy.

Logitech’s RightLight technology offers just the right picture: Everyone looks their best on camera, regardless of lighting conditions. RightLight reduces any transmission errors and optimises lighting and colour saturation to match any skin tone.



The Rally Bar’s advanced audio functions offer powerful, room-filling sound and make sure every voice is heard. The inbuilt microphones have a range of 4.57 m, but are also suited for larger groups of people and rooms, thanks to the option of connecting up to 3 additional microphones.

RightSound technology provides for a consistently excellent sound experience. The device adjusts the sound automatically when the volume of voices is imbalanced, and can also block out unwanted noises. The full-duplex allows you to hear and be heard.



The Rally Bar uses AI, human perception and a motorised PTZ camera to adjust to the dynamics of a conference to capture the most significant moments.

The AI viewfinder uses scene recognition to optimise RightSight Autoframing and camera control functions that guarantee that all participants remain in focus.

The Logitech Sync Dashboard provides information on room usage that is recorded by the people counting feature and the AI viewfinder.



Monitor and admin conference room devices from a single platform with Logitech Sync. Receive information on room usage.

Logitech Sync simplifies the large scale provision of video conference devices while reducing on-site visits and support tickets to a minimum via a central, browser-based user interface. This new approach for remote monitoring and device administration simplifies tasks such as firmware updates and activating functions.

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