Experience the metaverse
on HoloLens 2.

Immerse yourself with us
in Mesh and JoinXR.


Work flexibly from anywhere in the same room.

Meetings and team events in virtual reality.

Collaborate on ideas in a virtual space.

By 2026, 25% of people will spend at least one hour per day in the metaverse to work, shop, learn, socialise and/or entertain, according to Gartner, Inc.


But what is the metaverse anyway? 
The metaverse is a virtual environment created by the interplay of digitally enhanced, real or completely digital spaces. The real world is increasingly merging with the virtual. With Microsoft Mesh and JoinXR, you can experience the metaverse today! The digital 3D platform offers you almost unlimited possibilities for use as a meeting platform. Other application scenarios include the joint development of prototypes, a virtual site visit or extraordinary team events.


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Microsoft Mesh.


Microsoft Mesh.


Improve your virtual meetings, discuss drafts for new projects or support your employees from anywhere. Mesh gives you the opportunity to collaborate in a mixed reality environment in a real way. Create your own 3D avatar and interact with other users.

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   Virtual collaboration.

Feel the presence. Interact with your colleagues in different locations through eye contact, facial expressions and gestures and increase the productivity and engagement of your employees. A shared understanding helps you review data faster and arrive at more informed decisions. Microsoft 365 is integrated with Mesh so that calendars, content and workflows transition into mixed reality.

   Spatial designs.

Participate in virtual meetings from anywhere with HoloLens 2. Move through your world and get relevant, digital information when and where you need it. Colleagues can see and comment on 3D models in real time. The content is saved so that you can start where you left off the next time.

   Remote support.

See, share and collaborate with specialists. This allows you to spark new ideas and foster creativity to solve problems faster and make decisions together. Not only do you reduce travel costs, but you also improve virtual training because your employees can learn faster from anywhere thanks to the holographic visualisation of objects.

   Data security and protection.

Our priority is to protect your privacy. You remain in possession of your data. With Mesh, you benefit from enterprise-class security features trusted by businesses around the world.


Mesh for Teams, Mesh App, HoloLens, Altspace VR.


   Mesh for Teams.

Connect and collaborate with a sense of presence through personalised avatars and immersive spaces. Encourage creativity and strengthen your ties with a new generation of 2D and 3D meeting experiences.

   Mesh app for HoloLens.

Connect with colleagues to share and comment on content in real time, always starting from where you left off.


Host meetings for work with AltspaceVR, the leading place for virtual meetings.


JoinXR by Fracture Reality.




The online meeting and collaboration platform for HoloLens 2 specialises in engineering and data-intensive enterprise users across all industries. JoinXR creates interactive 3D presentations in minutes, allowing teams to bypass the limitations of 2D without spending valuable time and resources on renderings and prototypes.

The platform.

JoinXR lets you create rich presentations and share them in real time thanks to Azure Remote Rendering, designed for collaboration between people and 3D data.


  • Meet colleagues and clients from all over the world in real-time holographic meetings.
  • JoinXR renders your native CAD and BIM data formats directly with the latest cloud streaming technology.
  • Create your own comprehensive presentations by mixing documents, images and videos with 3D design data.
Fast workflows.

Convert CAD data in minutes into detailed 3D renderings for direct editing and visualisation with Azure remote rendering.

More harmony.

Connect to teams and customers all over the world with the HoloLens 2 simulations for personal meetings with photorealistic avatars.

Flawless UX.

Integrate important documents and information, and outline and annotate models so that auditors can make quick, intelligent decisions.

Key features.

JoinXR offers everything you expect from a meeting platform.


  • Photorealistic avatars
  • Real time translation
  • Intuitive, gesture user interface
  • Meeting management and role-based access tools
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