Microsoft Teams Rooms and the Surface HUB 2S.

A meeting and collaboration platform in one device.


Our all-in-one system: The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 127 cm (50") and the new 215.9 cm (85") model combine a digital whiteboard and a meeting and collaboration platform in one device, opening up opportunities for teamwork that never existed before.
The right kind of communication is more important than ever, which is why it’s essential for businesses to make sure it can happen. Find the right systems for your meeting rooms and bundle them with suitable hardware and software.

We have solutions for every meeting room:

The most important component of our approach is the Microsoft Teams Rooms platform. Finding the right solution means first selecting the best core device and matching console. When combined with speakers, cameras , microphones and displays, you can implement the system in any size of room. Simply set up an appointment in Outlook and convert it into a Microsoft Teams meeting with one click.


Enter the room and start straight away or continue your meeting thanks to Proximity Join by wirelessly transferring the meeting from your mobile device to the Hub. Use the Windows 10-compatible console to launch all applications and connect it wirelessly to the Surface Hub 2S. Work sitting or standing, sketch out ideas in pairs directly on the Hub 2S and conduct video conferences in 4K quality. The Teams Meeting interface has been adapted so the Surface Hub 2S is perfect for smooth collaboration with colleagues and customers alike.

How big is your meeting room? 
Huddle room.

Small room for up to 5 people, ideal for spontaneous team meetings, focus on brainstorming, creativity and collecting ideas. Simply take the Hub with you to the next free meeting space thanks to the mobile APC battery.


Medium-sized room. 

Standard conference room for up to 12 people, suitable for internal and external meetings, focus on video conferences. With crystal-clear life-size video, the vivid 4K display makes you feel like your remote team members are in the room with you.


Large room.

Room for up to 20 people, suited to presentations, focus on content editing and perfect presentations. The cameras come with a wide field of vision so that those colleagues who are sitting at the back can be clearly seen. What’s more, the mic array helps to reduce background noise thanks to noise cancellation.


The Surface HUB 2S is the perfect complement. 

Microsoft Teams doesn’t only make conferences and meetings more agile, flexible and simpler, it also helps foster creativity and collaboration.

  • The Hub 2S is an elegant OneDrive developed by Microsoft.
  • Reduce the distance with the Surface Hub 2 camera, far-field mics and crystal-clear speakers.
  • By using Miracast, everyone can instantly and wirelessly share their content on the 4K display.
  • Get to know a new kind of brainstorming thanks to the unique touch operation and the specially developed Surface Pen, which mean you can now use the Microsoft Whiteboard app and Office simultaneously.
  • Experience mobile, uninterrupted teamwork without the need for cables! The Hub’s portable Steelcase Roam stand and mobile  APC™ battery can go with you everywhere.
  • Both the Surface Hub 2S 50" and 85" models are equipped with a 90° camera and a wide field of view so that even participants who are further apart can be easily seen.
  • Possibility to install and run several operating systems such as Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise for the installation of in-house applications.
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Benefit from improvements in terms of experience with Microsoft Teams in your meetings:

Coordinated meetings.

Enable your employees to hold seamless Microsoft Team meetings with two team-enabled devices in one room. All it takes is one click of a button to join a meeting from either the Microsoft Teams Room console or the Surface Hub 2S start screen This feature lets you maximise the screen area by using the MTR-managed display at the front of the room to show video feeds, chats, etc, while the Surface Hub displays content or can be used as a whiteboard. The system automatically detects who is speaking, turning other devices to mute to prevent echoes.

Proximity Join.

Walk into a meeting room and all you have to do is press the “Join meeting” button on the console. Invite as many colleagues as you like or call a number. Seamlessly take part in a meeting from your mobile device. The Microsoft Teams client on your PC or mobile end device comes with a proximity sensor that automatically detects free meeting rooms, which enables you to add a pre-join screen to your client. Microsoft Teams will automatically join the meeting from your desktop in content-only mode, so the room feeds your audio and video into the meeting without generating an echo from the other clients in the room. Your mobile clients will also switch to content-only mode when they are added to the room.

Microsoft Teams + Surface - Collaborate on a new level.

Now learn the collaboration power of Microsoft Teams and Surface on a new level.