Microsoft Windows Server 2019.


End of support for SQL Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008.

On 14 January 2020, support for both Windows 7and Windows Server 2008 R2 will be discontinued. According to studies, every second server in Germany will be affected. In respect to the GDPR, we recommend acting sooner rather than later, because this type of migration to a modern platform needs to be well-planned and professional.

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End of support effects.

No security updates.

Protect your data and apps on all enterprise levels, starting with your operating system. Enhanced security features help to recognise new and upcoming threats and react to them, deter attacks, reduce the risk of security breaches and protect your company.


Fulfil governmental and compliance objectives, with enhanced security features to protect your enterprise and customers including the GDPR and HIPAA.

Higher maintenance costs.

Reduce your operating costs with integrated Windows Server predictive analytics features. These analyse system data to create highly-precise predictions that help to minimise downtime and associated costs.

Be proactive – Migrate to Windows Server 2019.

Two years after the launch of Windows Server 2016, the latest version of the Windows Sever operating system is on the starting blocks—version 2019. It is a purchase/perpetual licence packed with additional and advanced features. 


With the latest hardware and software, Windows Server 2019 prepares companies for the future. Data speeds on a new level and a higher storage capacity help companies to work quicker plus get better insights and performance throughout the enterprise.

Enhanced security features offer comprehensive protection for data and apps. They can detect threats and react automatically, ensuring that customers comply with regulations such as the GDPR and HIPPA. And centralised, simplified admin tools connect Windows Server 2019’s local environments with Azure services. This gives SMEs the flexibility to move their services to the cloud if the circumstances are right, and ensures business continuity with cloud backup and disaster recovery services.

What editions are there?




CAL Voraussetzung

Windows Server 2019 Datacenter

For heavily virtualised data centres and cloud environments



Windows Server 2019 Standard

For physical or smaller virtual environments



Windows Server 2019 Essentials

For small companies with 25 users and 50 devices



No CAL required

All this awaits – Windows Server 2019 highlights. 

The new Windows Server 2019 is the operating system that bridges the gap between on-premise and cloud services. Windows Server 2019 helps you expand your business and operations in the cloud. It maximises your existing investments and builds on Windows Server security app innovations and HCI features (hyper converged infrastructure) to complement your local IT investment with cloud solutions.
Purchasing new server hardware and running the latest operating system version brings SMEs many benefits in terms of service, scalability, security, and mobility, all connected to using cloud solutions. Additionally, there is also the flexibility to use on-premises or hybrid until you have fully migrated to the cloud.
Constructing a Windows Server software-defined data centre WSSD on the right hardware infrastructure is a crucial first step to success. To support the customer in this, Microsoft has worked together with hardware providers to develop Microsoft-validated software defined data centre (SDDC) designs and tried and tested processes for deployment. Microsoft partners offer a range of WSSD certified solutions that work seamlessly together with Windows Server 2019 to deploy high-performance HCI that’s as secure as it is innovative.


Windows Defender Exploit Guard.

Windows Defender Exploit Guard (Windows Defender EG) is a new set of host intrusion prevention capabilities for Windows 10, allowing you to manage and reduce the attack surface of apps used by your employees.

Windows Admin Center.

The Windows Admin Center is the modern evolution of in-box management tools like Server Manager and Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Windows Admin Center is installed locally and can be accessed using a web-browser on PCs, tablets and smartphones.


System Insights.

System Insights is a new feature in Windows Server that brings local or hybrid-cloud predictive analytics capabilities natively to Windows Server. It offers high-accuracy predictions for how the use of your servers will develop.

What can I do to prepare myself?

Get in touch with your local Bechtle IT system house or email our Microsoft Team at microsoft.business@bechtle.com. You will then be contacted by the relevant account manager to arrange an appointment with a specialist for an initial telephone interview.

This consultation will cover all measures necessary to be ready for the end of Windows Server 2008 R2.
There is also the option to organise a tailored Windows Server Workshop to discuss your requirements together with our specialists.



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