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Microsoft Security.


A Berlin court. A German trade fair. Several hospitals. A well-known magazine publisher. Even the German federal parliament. They all have one thing in common. They’ve all been targeted by hackers and should serve as a cautionary example of why we have to focus much more on security and that much more needs to be invested in the complex issue, as the following figures show:

58.4 %


of all confidential corporate data in the cloud are saved in Office 365.


75 %


of all Office 365 users in a company have at least one at-risk account every month.


1.5 trillion


The total amount of losses incurred worldwide as a result of cybercrime in 2019.


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Workplace process digitalisation is advancing ever-more rapidly, which means that every new device represents a new point of attack. A lot of SMEs in particular are overwhelmed by the raft of technical IT security solutions available on the market. What’s the answer? 

IT security from a single source.


The requirements of most SMEs and corporations can be met by standard suite solutions which enable the costs for implementation, maintenance, operation, training and licences to be significantly reduced. This is where the Microsoft 365 Suite comes in. The following table shows which features are available with which licence:

Overview of Microsoft E365 security features.
Microsoft 365 E3
Microsoft 365 E5
  Partially included 

Leverage the high-performance products and features in Microsoft 365 for more workplace productivity, innovation and security.

Use the latest products and features in Microsoft 365 plus solutions for Advanced Threat Protection, security and collaboration.

Central device management (incl. Android, iOS, Windows)
Identity and access management
Threat protection
Security management
Improved compliance


The most important elements of the Microsoft 365 Suite are the security components that protect the modern workplace from the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. Microsoft 365 offers a huge range of security features and the vendor now counts as one of the leaders in the regularly evaluated Gartner Magic Quadrant areas of cloud access security brokers, access management, unified endpoint management tools, enterprise information archiving as well as endpoint protection platforms.



Included features are, for example, information and threat protection, identity and access management and security management with the aim to ensure comprehensive, holistic protection of the environment. Want to find out more about how Microsoft Security components interact particularly with existing on premise and/or hybrid infrastructures? Take a look at the Microsoft Cyber Security Reference Architecture for an overview.



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