Microsoft Azure.

Make your enterprise IT flexible with cloud computing.

You’ve no doubt already considered the benefits of infrastructure and service modernisation in the cloud: You gain the flexibility you need for your application scenarios without the need for additional hardware and expertise, pay exactly for what you use, and scale services to meet your needs. Alongside purely virtual machines with over 600 services, Azure offers dedicated resources that can tackle tasks faster, more affordably, more efficiently and more securely. The cloud gives SMEs the same possibilities as large corporations.


Bechtle is by your side on your way to the cloud, offering advice on the selection and implementation of the Azure resources that meet your specific needs, debunking myths surrounding the perceived loss of control with cloud computing, and showing you how you can make your Azure environment more secure than your on-prem one.

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Servers and infrastructure available on demand.

Deploy virtual Linux and Windows machines, apps, and infrastructure instantly via Microsoft-managed data centres throughout the world—without having to invest in new hardware or large-scale networks. You can use this technology, for example, to begin software projects in a small, inexpensive environment, bringing in additional resources as needed.


Develop unique apps.

Develop impressive app solutions with NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, Python or Ruby. Integrated Visual Studio tools allow your company’s creative minds to develop, debug and run your apps quickly, giving them free rein to innovate without wasting time battling complex infrastructures.

Save money without compromising flexibility.

Pay only for the infrastructure that you need thanks to minute-exact invoicing and integrated automatic scaling. Select more or fewer resources, depending on your requirements, and avoid any up-front hardware and software investments.

Leverage what you already know.

The secret to hitting the ground running is to use existing skills and familiar software such as Azure Visual Studio, .NET, Windows Server, Active Directory, SQL Server, SharePoint and BizTalk. You’ll also be able to benefit from Microsoft’s end-to-end company support to supplement your own expertise.

Defining vision, strategy and governance in the cloud.

How should you design an IT landscape to meet future needs? How can you phase out legacy applications? Bechtle offers advice on how to put your IT objectives into context and create a roadmap into the cloud in a way that can scale as your business changes in the long haul. Create an IT landscape that can keep up with your business strategy.

Infrastructure and backup.

How can you expand your on-premise data centre without buying additional hardware? How can you protect your assets in an affordable way when your data centre is down? No matter if you want to offload your infrastructure to Azure in parts, or move it all into the cloud, Bechtle will advise you on the right Azure resources and demonstrate ways to optimise backup and disaster recovery.

Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and business intelligence.

Looking to link up production to the cloud with near real-time analytics? What about detecting anomalies on your production lines? Utilise your enterprise data efficiently and improve service, production and other processes with Azure. Bechtle is by your side—from choosing sensors and creating and visualising data models to the development of an AI model.

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Light plays an essential role in today’s digital era and the increasingly connected nature of our daily lives. Ledvance wants to redefine the role of light in the networked world. To be scalable and flexible, the IT infrastructure is completely transferred to the cloud.