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Everyone’s a winner with Poly®.

The more people working in an office, the more important it is to reduce the noise levels in their conversations. Poly products offer many benefits that let you get your message across perfectly, on the road, in the office and in phone conferences. The right tools for the right people for the right job – everyone's a winner.

How do headsets help achieve your goals?

Freedom of movement, focussed working, better availability, flexible working, satisfied customers, motivated employees... headsets simply boost productivity.


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What are the benefits of wireless headsets?

E-mail, instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, landlines and mobiles... office workers are now more connected than ever. Wireless headsets offer ultimate mobility and are therefore more vital than ever before.


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Advance exchange within just 24 hours*

Defect product? No problem—we’ll supply you with a replacement, generally on the next day, wherever you are—whether you're working from home or at a hotel.


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Virtual Collaboration Check.

Virtual collaboration, new tools on new devices, new applications and new methods... Poly has put together a simple overview so that you can quickly and easily find out which stage of virtual collaboration your company is currently in. There are three basic factors, dependant on your platform: What technology are you using? How integrated is your solution? What is the level of implementation?


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Acoustic Intelligence.

How is your office set up? Is your company using the latest virtual collaboration tools? Are there new behaviours in your workplace? However your company is evolving, smarter working is on the rise. Let us show you how you can best embrace new acoustic challenges.


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Smarter Working.

Open up a new workplace and enable your office and knowledge workers to work as productively, cost-effectively and as environmentally consciously as possible. Advances in technology have changed where we work and how we collaborate. Virtual collaboration, innovative office designs, and new ways of working—smart working touches us all.


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*in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for claims made by 15:00.

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