Samsung Galaxy Watch Active.

Active elegance. 

Discover the next generation Galaxy smart watch. The new Galaxy Watch Active. It doesn’t just record your activities, but thinks for itself and makes recommendations.  Thin, lightweight and tough, the stylish Galaxy Watch Active fits in with your active lifestyle providing a long battery life and a wide range of smart features that can not only enrich your personal fitness programme, but also your everyday life.  The Active smart watch is made of high-quality materials and the aluminium body and included fluoro rubber strap are lightweight and durable. 


You don’t even have to take it off in the rain or when swimming as the Galaxy Watch Active is waterproof. 1/2 Wear the smart watch overnight and the next morning you’ll wake up to an analysis of your sleep patterns. Compatible smart home devices can also be controlled directly via the Galaxy Watch Active.

Active smart watch made from high-quality materials.
Elegant, bezel-less design with strap that can be swapped out.
Extensive fitness and health features.
Up to 45 hours of battery life³.
Integrated storage for hundreds of your favourite songs as MP3s or Spotify⁴ playlists.
Waterproof up to 50 metres¹.
Precise localisation⁵
Compatible with most Galaxy, Android and iOS smartphones⁶.
Compact, slim and extremely attractive.

The Galaxy Watch Active doesn’t only look fantastic thanks to its near bezel-less design, but its compact size means it looks right at home on any wrist. The large selection of watch faces means you can express yourself in your own way, and if you want to mix things up a bit or are attending a special event, you can change the standard strap for a 20 mm one made from materials such as leather, textiles and metal.


Smartphone connection.

If you are on the road and realise you’ve forgotten to pack your Galaxy Watch Active charging station, you can simply use the wireless Power Share function of a compatible smartphone7 to give yourself a boost. The Galaxy Watch Active can work closely with most Galaxy smartphones: set a reminder on your phone or even the Do Not Disturb feature and it will also be set on your Galaxy Watch.


Smart features.

The Galaxy Watch Active keeps you right up to date with messages, calls or appointment reminders that are sent to your phone. E-mails, chat and SMS messages can be answered quickly and easily from your smart watch using a variety of standard texts or voice commands without having to pick up your phone.