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Automate your IT with Microsoft Azure.


Microsoft Azure provides a number of attractive cloud services that let

you expand and upgrade your IT infrastructure with targeted solutions— and a high degree of automation. Discover countless options supporting innovative scenarios for your business applications. And lay the foundation for your company’s success with state-of-the-art IaaS and PaaS solutions.

Microsoft’s global network of data centres spans 34 regions, so you’ll be able to use Azure cloud services and infrastructures for SAP, Oracle, IBM, Red Hat Linux and Microsoft business applications no matter where you are. All Azure services—tools, applications and frameworks—are available and consistent worldwide. They also integrate seamlessly with your local IT environment.

Azure lets you link local and cloud-based systems through hybrid cloud

features. And that translates into highly mobile applications and the ability to continue using the IT you’ve already invested in. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are defined at enterprise level.


Free webinar to discover Microsoft Azure.

Want to know more about Microsoft Azure? Take advantage of our free

webinar to learn about the many options available through this cloud

platform. We’ll show you how the Microsoft Azure portal works, introduce

basic solutions and explain how to integrate them in your infrastructure to

boost business.


Webinar: Microsoft Azure- The Cloud for modern business


Watch Record Webinar

Right-sized performance for critical workloads.

Azure is able to run data and compute-intensive applications like child’s play by

processing workloads such as SQL Server, SQL Data Warehouse, Oracle

databases, NoSQL databases and standard SAP SD applications using

powerful systems and storage.

Azure also offers G-series virtual computers and over 80,000 IOPS through

Premium Storage. Azure virtual machines are powered by the latest Intel cloud

technology and cutting-edge Intel Xeon processors.


Enjoy a familiar environment—in the cloud.

You’ve finally become comfortable working with Windows Server, SQL Server,

Active Directory or Hyper-V? You’ll find the same consistent, stable environment

in Microsoft Azure. Depending on what you need, virtual machines can be

moved between your local environment and the cloud without having to convert


Superior application protection and security.

Azure offers managed cloud backups to secure your data online. Through

integrated Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), you’re able to automate

the recovery of services and assign them to virtual networks according to

custom plans. In addition, ExpressRoute lets you provide secure, fast and

reliable connections for Azure and local applications, without resorting to public Internet.


Quickstart templates for increased productivity.

Pre-configured and thoroughly tested templates help you get started faster with

Azure. Best of all, it requires no configuration, provisioning or management

expertise, allowing you to quickly and easily set up even complex environments

for business applications such as SharePoint and Dynamics AX.


A cloud you can trust.

Many companies still have reservations about cloud infrastructures and

providers. Unlike some other providers, Microsoft meets even the most complex

compliance requirements and also boasts the most certifications. Microsoft

leads the way in protecting your data and interests—guaranteeing you absolute

control of your data.

Bechtle and Microsoft: working together to deliver first-class solutions form a single provider.

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, Bechtle fully coordinates allservices, providing only top-tier, professional support. Our certifiedspecialists ensure that your business receives exactly the cloud services itneeds to increase the long-term value of your IT.

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