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What are you waiting for?
Discover the leading brands carried by Bechtle.

Are you looking for a way to deploy and use your IT infrastructure more flexibly? Do you want to free yourself from the never-ending process of upgrading your own data centre? Would you like to have faster access to services? Welcome to the world of cloud computing at Bechtle. 

The benefits of moving to the cloud.

Let us open the door to cloud computing for you, making it easier for your company to get started quickly and reap the benefits of cloud technology in no time: 

  • Access applications and services without having to install them yourself
  • Significantly lower your maintenance and administrative costs and hassle
  • Rest easy knowing your data is stored securely 
  • Break free of capacity limitations and scale your services to the size you need 
  • Enjoy access to your cloud solutions from a variety of mobile devices—all you need is an Internet connection 
  • Boost collaboration between colleagues and with business partners through protected access to shared information, data and documents 
  • Eliminate the need for expensive re-investments in applications or infrastructure 
  • Continue using the hardware and technology you’ve already invested in
  • Pay only for what you actually use

Is your business cloud-ready? 

Bechtle will:

  • Assist your company in planning, building and running your cloud infrastructure
  • Work with you to define requirements, processes and goals
  • Ensure that your data remains safe during transmission and storage, when accessed and processed by employees, all the way through to when it’s archived and deleted
  • Calculate cost-effectiveness within your context and find the right monitoring solution
  • Guarantee that your migration to a future-ready cloud is successful through additional services such as a multi-vendor help desk, training at our Bechtle Training Centres or full operation of your cloud solutions through our Managed Services

Discover the cloud solutions that are right for you.

We’ll show you what Microsoft, VMware, Oracle and Adobe can do you for your business. If you’d like personal consulting or a quote, please don’t hesitate to call us or send an e-mail to: 
Bechtle direct Software Team,
Phone +49 7132 981-1400,


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