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Virtualise your infrastructure with VMware.


VMware is a trend-setting specialist for managing virtualised infrastructures and cloud environments. Discover solutions to shape

your enterprise mobility and handle even the toughest applications and workloads:

  • vRealize Suite: policy-based automation and management for heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments
  • vSAN: a shared storage platform for in-house and external applications
  • AirWatch: a versatile platform to manage devices, apps and content


VMware virtualisation and management solutions boost business agility, enhance IT services and improve cost transparency. And your IT department

will have less administrative hassle.

vRealize Suite: a cloud management platform specifically

designed for hybrid environments.

Intelligent operations, IT automation and efficient provisioning—these are the

features that make for an effective cloud management platform. With vRealize

Suite, you can provision and manage cloud workloads even in not-yetvirtualised infrastructures, while maintaining control at all times. vRealize Suite is a complete stack offering integrated IT services management on VMware vSphere and other hypervisors, in physical infrastructures, containers,

OpenStack and external clouds such as VMware vCloud Air, Microsoft Azure

and Amazon Web Services.


  • Clear, proactive management of IT services in heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments
  • Automated delivery and ongoing management for faster availability of IT resources
  • Cost transparency for different infrastructure options and actual resource usage
  • Greater productivity and choice for developer teams through DevOps ready
  • IT: complete application stack, API/GUI access to resources in a hybrid cloud

Perfectly interwoven local and external IT environments


vRealize Suite brings agility to resource provisioning and helps you get the

most out of what you already own. Your administrators will have fewer tedious

tasks to perform. You’ll be able to lower your CapEx and OpEx. Predictive

analytics will help you avoid potential issues before they materialise. And last

but not least, your IT services and business departments will integrate even

closer, improving process and cost transparency. And that means you’ll reap

the full benefits of your hybrid cloud.

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Discover VMware’s vRealize cloud management platform through our

“vRealize for Intelligent Operations in Today’s Data Centre” webinar on

1 June 2017.


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vSAN: the leading software for hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI).

Virtualised storage is a key component of software-defined data centres

(SDDC). And there’s no better way than vSAN to quickly and cost-effectively

build a virtual storage platform for your virtual machines. That’s because

VMware vSAN (formerly Virtual SAN) allows you to leverage your existing

VMware environment to virtualise storage. And you can simply continue to use your preferred third-party software for data backups, file services and more.


  • No risk, since you’ll be leveraging the same tools and expertise as before
  • You won’t be locked into specific hardware brands
  • Continue to benefit from previous storage infrastructure investments
  • Significantly lower total cost of ownership by reducing up-front investments and using of affordable flash storage

vSAN seamlessly integrates with vSphere features, so you can hit the ground running in your HCI environment. You can also upgrade this solution flexibly with other VMware SDDC and multi-cloud products. vSAN is the only HCI solution to extend VM-based policies and automated provisioning to SAN and NAS storage systems.


For dynamic multi-cloud models of the future.


vSAN lets you scale your storage resources to meet your needs. It also enables you to provision them faster and manage them more easily—without having to switch tools or shake up your teams. Smart analytics, advanced monitoring and automation at VM level help you troubleshoot issues and adjust performance more efficiently. vSAN equips your infrastructure with everything it needs to run the business-critical applications of today and the application containers of tomorrow. So

you’ll be ready for the dynamic multi-cloud models of the future.

AirWatch: enterprise mobility management.

Today’s business world requires employees to be able to do their jobs with

maximum mobility. VMware AirWatch makes it easy for your IT administrators to securely and conveniently manage any type of mobile device, whether company-issued or personal, and regardless of the operating system or

applications and content used. AirWatch is a powerful enterprise mobility

management platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing IT



  • Central console for a clear management overview
  • Seamless integration in your existing environment
  • Consistent look and feel of user interfaces
  • Scalable architecture for ongoing expansion
  • Role-based access control for enhanced security
  • Automated compliance engine with predefined rules to better control compliance with company policies


Plan your company’s mobility.

AirWatch allows you to stay on top of the countless devices and applications used in your company, whether they’re smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktop PCs, printers or peripherals. And it doesn’t matter where in your company they’re used. This mobility management platform supports all popular operating systems, such as Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS, Mac OS and Windows.

AirWatch shapes enterprise mobility to match the plans and needs of your users, regardless of who owns the device and how many people have access to it. It’s also able to accommodates specific departmental requirements. You’ll be able to enable any and all constellations while still guaranteeing reliable protection for your corporate network.

Bechtle and VMware expertise, certifications and more.

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