Cherry – For the ergonomic office.
Find the perfect solution for your work life.

This is something everybody knows—you spend hours working in front of the PC and completely forget about your posture. This causes muscle tension and can damage your health. Avoid this by choosing CHERRY’s ergonomic helpers.

– Adapts to your typing style.

The SX scissor mechanism provides an unbeatable typing feel and clear feedback, even for fast typing. Total control over input at all times reduces typos. Extremely quiet keystrokes make it the choice for open plan offices. Robust, reliable, and durable—your CHERRY STREAM will stay with you for a long time.


CHERRY Rollermouse™
– Ergonomic working taken one step further.

You’ve heard right—this mouse is not placed to the left or right of the keyboard, but in front of it. Unlike with a conventional mouse, you control the cursor by pushing and rolling an elongated scroll bar. You can also press the bar to click with it. The trick is that it’s not a real click but a simulated one.


ROLLERMOUSE™ is a registered brand belonging to the Contour Design Group.



– The mouse that adapts to your hand.

In terms of specs, the UNIMOUSE™ is nothing to sneeze at. The sensor can be adjusted up to 2,800 dpi. The smooth-running scroll wheel is fun to use and makes every day work easier. Rechargeable via the included USB cable. LEDs show you the battery level.



UNIMOUSE™ is a registered brand belonging to the Contour Design Group.



– Natural, relaxed working with the CHERRY MW 4500.

The special 45° angle reduces strain on your tendons. Two additional thumb buttons allow you to jump to the next page or previous page in your internet browserand with the aid of the CHERRY KEYS software you can individually assign different functions.

Thanks to the latest wireless technology, you don’t have any annoying tangled cables. Put simply, the MW 4500 feels good.





Ergonomics / design – The CHERRY MW 8 ERGO

This right-handed mouse is good-looking and ideal for large hands. Both the surface and the mouse wheel are made of metal, guaranteeing a long life cycle. Rubber-padded side sections and a stylish Voronoi pattern make the MW 8 ERGO a sight to behold. The high-precision sensor can be set up to 3,200 dpi on 4 levels. Turn your desk into a real eyecatcher with the CHERRY MW 8 ERGO.