Always where your data are.

Cisco Data Center Anywhere. 




Keep control of your data with the Cisco Data Center Anywhere architecture – anytime, anywhere.

Application innovation in enterprises is a key factor in the digital business world. New apps and digitalised business process have a big influence on what today’s data centres have to achieve and how their architecture is structured. Today’s data centres are no longer confined to one location. They seamlessly integrate into cloud architectures and provisions services wherever data is created, processed and used. That is why Cisco is announcing a new architecture that extends the data centre to everywhere that data is and everywhere applications are deployed. The foundation for this transformation is hyperconverged and automated systems such as Cisco HyperFlex Anywhere and Cisco ACI Anywhere.

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Hyperflex Anywhere. 

Hyperflex is a hyperconverged approach for data centres that combines compute, storage and networks into one solution. It delivers the simplicity of a hyperconverged environment, integrated multi-cloud solutions and truly global scalability. That means it’s not important which application you are working with, which data you want to access or if you are working in a branch office or at HQ—your user experience will always be of the highest quality.

ACI Anywhere. 

Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is Cisco’s intent-based networking solution for the data centre. It’s open approach delivers simple operation, high agility and flexibility when deploying your applications and cloud services, paired with the highest security standards in your data centre. With ACI Anywhere, that journey extends ACI to any workload, any location, any cloud.

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Ready for something new?

Find out how the vision of a Data Center Anywhere can be made reality and lay the foundations for your multi-cloud environment. Gain an insight into Hyperflex and ACI solutions plus an overview of Cisco’s Data Center Anywhere arc in our webinars.


Can’t wait to find out more? Then sign up for one of our free Bechtle workshops in November. These will take place directly in Cisco locations.



Ready for something new?

Get to know Cisco’s “data centre anywhere” architecture and discover how to seamlessly integrate the data centre of the future with cloud architectures—worldwide.


New applications and digitalised business processes influence how data centres are set up, Today’s data centre is no longer limited to one location, but increasingly integrated in a wide-range of cloud architectures and is available everywhere.


Find out how the vision of a “data centre anywhere” can become a reality and create the foundation for your multi-cloud environment. Gain an overview of hyperflex and ACI solutions. Ask about an individual workshop with our experts from Bechtle’s Cisco Competence Centres. Experience the solution for yourself in our demo centres.

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