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DNA webinars.

05/08/2019, 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Ask yourself this: 

Is your network, scalable, secure and agile enough to ensure the services that all users, customers and devices need are available?


Don’t forget
  • Employees who are working at one location today will want to work flexibly from everywhere tomorrow.
  • Users who communicate via the network with one or two devices today will be connected using a multitude of devices tomorrow
  • Services whose requirements regarding your communication behaviour are unknown to you today will be deployed via the network for all employees and customers tomorrow. 
  • Services that run separately today such as building management, will be available on your network tomorrow.

An automated network that learns can help you to overcome these challenges as it automatically recognises dangers and handles them independently.

The solution – the self-learning network.

Cisco DNA is based on a software-defined approach that covers your entire company network.

Create a flexible rule set using simple management and greatly reduce configuration work for the individual network devices. Workflow automation doesn’t only speed up the installation of the new infrastructure, but also its operation.

Boost employee productivity by enabling simple, guideline-based access, independent of location. It’s no longer important how or where an employee connects to the network, just who the employee is.

With Cisco DNA, you always know what’s happening in your network. Comprehensive transparency simplifies management of your network components and identifies and resolves issues before they are even noticed. Look forward to a distinctly enhanced user experience.

See for yourself in the following video.
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The transformation to a software-defined network has to be planned because the difficulties aren’t in the installation, but in the integration of your existing business processes. We’ll show you your options and support you on the road to a future-proof network. Gain an insight into the Cisco DNA solution and register for our free webinar.


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