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In the past, the topic of IT security meant simply separating the company network from external networks via a firewall. Nowadays, IT security entails much, much more. With the growing number of company devices in corporate and public networks, the cyber attack surface is also getting ever larger, leading in turn to an increased need for higher company IT standards. It’s important to have an overview of data flow and analyse and find system vulnerabilities or eradicate them entirely. A coordinated system which works like a well-oiled machine helps a great deal. Because the more each system is in tune with the next, the less vulnerable you are to hackers and data thieves.

Cisco offers a wide range of security products for securing your infrastructure. ASA family next-generation firewalls help you stay in control of who can access network. Traditional firewall features are complemented with additional services such as IPS, AMP, and URL filtering.


With products like Umbrella and Stealthwatch, you can raise your protection level even on mobile end devices and improve transparency within your infrastructure. This in turn lets you keep clients and applications in sight, so you always know what’s happening in your infrastructure. And even public cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web services can be monitored.


Put up your Umbrella – the way to a secure network.

Cisco Umbrella provides location-independent protection for your employees, whether they’re using the company network on-the-go, traditional security mechanisms, or a public network. Umbrella's cloud-based approach means that your employees are protected from threats such as malware, phishing and command and control callbacks even if your VPN goes down. If a risk pattern becomes apparent, Umbrella recognises and blocks it proactively. The service also offers increased visibility in internet activities for all locations and users.

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