Ergotron reacts to healthcare trends.


Hospital digitalisation continues to advance with trends such as the increased focus on the expanded use of electronic patient records, telemedicine, hospital information systems and patient data management systems becoming the norm. In addition, attention is increasingly being paid to the physical and psychological health of nursing staff and doctors as well as to the relationship between medical staff and patients.


Healthcare facilities need to create the right conditions to be able to implement and support these trends without compromising their requirements. Ensuring that hospitals, clinics and surgeries are correctly equipped to manage their end devices is therefore crucial.



Ergotron: Supporting healthcare. Everywhere. Our ergonomic, flexible and space-saving solutions for healthcare enhance and simplify work for nursing staff and doctors while promoting a positive patient experience. Through our range of adjustable, mobile medical and notebooks carts and slim wall workstations for every area of a hospital, we enable convenient, accurate and secure data entry in the age of digitalisation.


Ergotron. Moving you forward,



Wall mount

For monitors up to 27" and max. 10.7 kg




Saves space

Slim design with a distance of only 10 cm from the wall for confined spaces

Sit-stand workstation

50.8 cm height adjustment enables comfortable working in any position



Additional workspace:

Includes mouse/keyboard shelves with removable work surface

Additional security

10-digit lock code protects patient data and technology




CPU protection

Locks computer located in the chassi

The new CareFit Series of slim, mobile medical carts for all-day use integrates seamlessly into the digital hospital. Available with or without a power supply, they are ideal for digital rounds and support medical practitioners, various work processes and environments.


Thanks to the large height adjustment range, they adapt to the ergonomic needs of each user and can be moved easily and flexibly to where they are needed. The ideal compliment to your hospital equipment.


Battery dock: 98-250

25 W battery 98-246

4-bay charger 98-260

The new LiFeKinnex battery system supports a variety of workflows, is hot-swappable and can also be charged on the cart.


The innovative, three-part system – battery, intelligent battery dock and an optional external 4-bay charger – minimises downtime thanks to monitoring battery life via an LCD and uses a special magnetic connection for easy battery swapping.