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No matter the challenges you are facing, Honeywell has the solution.

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company with expertise in numerous industries. The company offers mobile data and barcode scanners and barcode printers, as well as software and services for distribution centres, transportation and logistics, retail, production and healthcare industries. The uncountable number of successful projects speak for themselves.

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Mobility Edge Familie.

The power of a unified, dynamic platform.

Windows has ended support for robust mobile computers with Android taking over as the operating system of the future. Many businesses are therefore faced with the challenge of switching from Windows devices to those running Android OS and Honeywell has developed the perfect solution: Mobility Edge.
Mobility Edge is a dynamic hardware and software platform that supports end customers to accelerate new software rollouts, collect data faster and more securely and extend the life of hardware. We guarantee updates up to Android R (Android 11) and are committed to Android S and T meaning securing operation until 2030. At the core is a System on Module (SOM) which is built into models with different form factors: Full touch, traditional warehouse devices, forklift terminals, tablets.

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Honeywell has developed ground-breaking technology in the form of the FlexRange™ Scan-Engine.

There are full-touch devices like the CT60 and near/far imagers for traditional warehouse devices, but until now, there’s never been a Scan Engine that is capable of scanning anywhere from 10 cm 10 m away AND is small enough to fit into a full-touch device Test the Honeywell FlexRange™ series: CT40 XP, CT60 XP, CK65, Granit XP. You won’t regret it.

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Large range in a small package—can be used for practically every application in warehouses, field service and retail. Bending, stretching or even climbing ladders are a thing of the past.

Unbelievably small and lightweight – The Scan Engine can also be built into robust full-touch mobile computers.

Two lenses significantly reduce the time to focus and mean barcodes can be scanned more quickly.

Parallel image scanning and machine learning provide new and innovative solutions for old challenges.
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