HP large format print systems: all from a single-source.

HP DesignJet printers, Original HP inks and print heads and Original HP papers are designed to function as an efficient all-in-one system, meaning you get exceptional productivity, quality, consistency and durability—even for highly complex print jobs.


Original HP inks.

Printing problems put delivery at risk and can cost you time, money, and clients. Original HP inks are designed to get the job done right the first time, every time.

Lower costs.

Original HP inks are designed together with your HP DesignJet printer to produce consistent results. With reliable performance, you can minimise waste and downtime, effectively reducing your overall print costs.

Protect your investment.

Ink properties are critical to every part of the printing system. While non-HP inks may cost less per litre, they can cause frequent printhead replacement, unsellable prints—wasting time and money—and increased printer downtime and maintenance.

Print responsibly.

From our global recycling initiatives, to our specially engineered cartridges made of recycled materials and water-based inks, Original HP inks are designed with the environment in mind.

HP large-format printing materials.

These materials provide consistently outstanding image quality and, with a wide range to choose from, you’ll always find the right printing material for the job, or for almost any application. HP Premium Printing Materials are designed to provide best-in-class performance on key attributes like display permanence. For lower cost options, consider HP Everyday or HP Universal printing materials. 
Regardless of which solution you choose, HP print media are always fine-tuned for the entire HP print system to deliver the uncompromising results you want.



Precision printing.

HP DesignJet print solutions, including Original HP inks, HP printheads, and HP large format printing materials, are designed and engineered together to provide uncompromising image quality, consistency, performance, durability, and value—with every print.


HP Inks



HP Inks

Colorant: Chemical molecules

Soaks into absorbent print media

and coated media

Can create brilliant colours

Print quality and resistance

to fading and moisture vary depending

on the print media and its coating


Colorant: Particles

Excellent resistance to fading

and moisture on all media

High performance on a range

of standard paper as well as other

uncoated and coated media

<10 nanometres

(molecular scale)


Typically 50 – 350


Dissolved in

ink vehicle



Dispersed in

ink vehicle

Colorant and ink vehicle

absorbed by uncoated and coated





Pigments immobilised on the surface, t

he ink vehicle is absorbed.

Uniform, brilliant prints on photo paper

· high colour saturation

· wide colour gamut

Decades of fade resistance on HP photo paper


High image durability indoors and out

Excellent water resistance

Good to excellent colour saturation

and colour gamut on a range of papers

High black optical density

T series

(colour ink)



T series (black ink)

Z series (all inks)

Original HP inks for HP DesignJet.

T and Z series printers use both dye water-based inks and pigment inks.

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