Composable Infrastructure and Synergy.



Evolution in the data centre.

Traditional data centre

  • Consolidated systems
  • Dedicated high-availability systems
  • Selected use of virtualisation
  • Nonhomogeneous management 


Virtualised data centre

  • Abstraction of IT systems using virtualisation
  • Optimised use of hardware resources
  • Increased availability through fault-tolerant functionality
  • Optimisation of energy consumption
  • Faster server provisioning from templates
  • Simplified administration and management
  • Tool-Less Expandability


Automated data centre

  • Automated virtual infrastructures and IT business processes
  • Structured software solutions and controlled data centres (software defined anything)
  • Clustering of IT processes for provisioning in one IT business process (e. g. new MA)
  • Automated flexible use of hybrid provisioning models (secured private and public) according to growing capacity requirements
  • Use of administrative and user self-service portals
  • Billing models based on usage





The logical response to IT infrastructure demands.

According to 3 basic principles.

Composable infrastructure is the vision of HPE for a new class in infrastructure that serves both traditional IT as well as the new style of business. It is based on three basic principles: 


Dynamic resource pools:

Dynamic pools composed of unconnected physical and virtual compute, storage and fabric resources that are immediately ready directly after being booted to carry out any workload and the requirements of specific applications and services.


Software-defined information: 

Template-based workload pools and streamlined processes that effortlessly implement changes programmatically.


Unified API: 

Open API that enables the implementation of ‘infrastructure-as-code’ to abstract complex actions into single lines of code.

4 benefits.

Avoids overprovisioning

  • Precise composing and recomposing of resources
  • Reduces CAPEX
  • Pay-as-you-go billing based on HPE flexible capacity services

Cloud speed

  • Hardware provisioning of resources in cloud speed
  • Self discovery and auto-integration of all resources


Fast development & agile operation

  • Extremely fast development of apps through a programmable infrastructure
  • Provisioning of a usable infrastructure within minutes


Fast updates & maintenance

  • Template-based infrastructure
  • Seamless firmware and driver updates
  • Adapted to maintenance windows

Consisting of 5 components.


Kai Brinkmann

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