Igel und Citrix. Perfect Partners

With the perfect partner, incredible things can happen.


For over three decades Citrix has helped thousands of IT teams stay ahead of evolving demands. Its agile and reliable virtualisation technology and cloud services simplify IT management and increase security—all while creating a seamless user experience. IGEL and Citrix are transforming how people work through creative collaboration. Together they deliver a powerful integrated solution for secure, fast and frictionless access to cloud and virtualised workspaces from any IGEL OS-powered endpoint.

No more expensive hardware refresh cycles, just new-found efficiency, empowerment and scale.

Incredible starts here.
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The complete integration of Citrix Cloud, the Workspace app and IGEL OS makes it easier for companies and their employees to adopt new ways of working and thus benefit from numerous added values. IGEL OS and the Citrix Workspace app are perfect partners as both technologies complement each other. The Workspace app sets up and protects end users’ virtual sessions while IGEL OS is a streamlined, secure and easy-to-manage operating system that’s perfect for accessing Citrix Workspace. Both technologies are platform-independent, help keep investment costs down, optimise the user experience and reduce ongoing IT costs thanks to simplified management.

Secure + Edge

Accelerated + Advantage

Reduced + CAPEX

From the edge to the cloud, IGEL and Citrix enable you to securely manage your digital workspaces.

Enable a fast and easy transition to the next generation of cloud workspaces. No risks or delays, only rapid advantage.

Re-purpose your existing hardware to free up budget for your cloud migration.

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Simplified + Management

Eco + Thinking

Seamless + Experiences

One IT expert can easily keep thousands of desktops secure, updated and available, letting you deploy staff and budget elsewhere.

Cut your carbon footprint by 40% by invigorating your existing PCs and reduce your impact on the planet.

Empower your increasingly dispersed workforce with the flexible cloud-based tools they need—anytime, anywhere.

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