The dream team for video conferences – in small meeting rooms and for individual work areas.

Jabra PanaCast.


Jabra PanaCast is engineered to be the world’s first 180° Panoramic 4K plug-and-play video solution. Bring your conference room to life with impressive HD panoramic videos. The Jabra Speak speakerphone is the perfect partner for rich sound.


Make meetings with your remote employees even more productive.


With three 13 megapixel cameras and patented real-time stitching technology, Jabra PanaCast delivers a 180° view even in small meeting rooms where the desk is pushed up against a wall. No hidden attendees, no restricted view, no wasted space. PanaCast is the only plug-and-play solution that delivers a complete field of view. The majority of super wide-angle cameras offer a max. 120° horizontal field of vision.

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Jabra PanaCast features:
  • Unique, real-time video stitching for a natural 180° view
  • Intelligent zoom technology automatically adjusts camera resolution.
  • Vivid HDR ensures a great video experience, even under widely varying lighting conditions.
  • Offers real-time data and information via API
  • Versatile compatibility. Compatible with all leading video and audio conferencing solutions. (Zoom, Cisco, Webex, ...)
  • Certified for Microsoft Teams.
Jabra Speak.


Speakerphone for customer chats and meetings. Professional and portable speakerphone. Central speakerphone for meetings or as a portable device.

The Jabra Speak 750 is the perfect partner for the Jabra PanaCast. Together, they offer a unique combination of precise sound and panoramic high-quality 4K video—perfectly scalable for every meeting.


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