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network monitoring and
deep network analysis
with flow data and
load balancing.

Progress – Your provider for proactive network monitoring and deep network analysis with flow data and load balancing.

Effective tools for a secure, interruption-free experience.


The increasing complexity of IT environments is making the provision, management and protection of applications and networks a real challenge. In the era of home office, cloud and IoT, it’s imperative that different IT teams come together to abolish existing silos and collaborate. In order to effectively monitor performance and security and guarantee user satisfaction and productivity, managers need reliable and compatible tools. Progress offers a future-proof solution bundle that can help you achieve sustainable success.

IT security, networks, applications.

Progress solution bundle for all tasks.


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Proactive network monitoring

WhatsUp Gold


Deep network analysis with flow data.



Load balancing.

Kemp LoadMaster


The company.


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IT security, networks, applications—the Progress solution package covers all bases.


In many companies, there’s one team responsible for defending against ransomware carrying out regular in-depth analyses of the network with flow data, one team is responsible for an intact infrastructure with the help for network monitoring software, and another uses load balancing to guarantee the provision of services and optimise the user experience.

These complementary tools for network analysis, network monitoring and load balancing, you can bring these teams together and offer the best possible experience to everyone involved, all thanks to simplified implementation, flexible licensing and first class support.

Proactive network monitoring.
WhatsUp Gold.

Monitoring software that ensures the availability and optimal performance of business-critical services.

The WhatsUp Gold monitoring tool provides detailed insights into your network traffic. By monitoring your network, you will see which users, applications and protocols are using bandwidth and which are connecting to suspicious ports. This information will help you establish guidelines for bandwidth use, maximise ISP cost-efficiency and secure enough bandwidth for critical business applications and services.



  • Network mapping
  • Network performance
  • Wireless network
  • Application performance
  • Cloud-based resources
  • Log management
  • Configuration management


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WhatsUp Gold Free Edition.

Monitor up to 20 servers, network devices or VMs free of charge.

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Deep network analysis with flow data. Flowmon.

The flow monitoring tool that provides a careful analysis and monitoring of network traffic.


Flowmon’s network intelligence integrates NetOps and SecOps into one versatile solution. By automatically monitoring data traffic and recognising threats, Flowmon provides the clarity to make well-founded decisions without you having to dig through heaps of information. An intuitive user interface enables IT experts to quickly inform themselves about incidents and anomalies and their context, effect, extent and above all their cause, to prevent damage caused by ransomware attacks for example.


Flowmon has you covered where you need it most.


Network performance monitoring and diagnostics.

  • Monitoring the end user experience.
  • Performance of cloud applications.
  • NetFlow/IPFIX monitoring.
  • SaaS performance monitoring.
  • Network monitoring and visibility.



Network discovery and response

  • Analysis of network behaviour
  • Recognition of unknown threats
  • Analyse encrypted data
  • Recognise insider threats
  • Detect ransomware


Flowmon at a glance (only available in German).

Everything you need to know about smart technology that combines NetOps and SecOps.

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Load balancing.
Kemp LoadMaster.

Load Balancer provides secure application provisioning and the best possible performance.

The Kemp Load Balancer creates extraordinary experiences with the help of award-winning software and hardware and cloud solutions for load balancing with the most flexible licensing options worldwide. Quick provisioning times by means of easy to use templates and guidelines make sure that you are up and running in no time.



  • Application availability
  • Object storage optimisation
  • Web application firewall (WAF)
  • Uninterrupted access to the VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Applications in the public cloud


Load balancing buyer’s guide.

Load balancing is the combination of traditional IT networks and modern application development. This makes it difficult to specify the requirements and expectations towards load balancers for a specific enterprise application.


But our manual will help you:

  • Better understand the requirements of your applications.
  • Identify the requirements towards a load balancing solution.
  • Make the right choice of functions for optimising your experience and provides you with a practical checklist for evaluating your requirements.


(only available in German)


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