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ADCs (also known as load balancers) are a crucial component of every IT infrastructure to provision highly-available and secure applications. Generally speaking, an ADC is placed as a physical or virtual appliance in front of an application (server) to optimise access, availability and reliability. Alongside performance optimisation, the provisioning of important security features, such as a WAF (Web Application Firewall), two-factor authentication, single sign-on and IPSec VPN are part of the range of performance features of a modern ADC solution.

Due to increasing cloud acceptance, the agility requirements for an ADC are changing. Vendor-neutral monitoring of ADC instances, management with automation features, elastic and use-oriented invoicing are the most essential criteria in cross-platform environments. Kemp is in a position to meet these requirements both economically and technologically.


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What is the Kemp difference?




Quick and simple deployment.
  • Hardware and virtual platform-neutral load balancer.
  • Optional, simple pay-as-you-go licensing
  • On-demand provisioning of load balancers
  • Lift & Shift (Multi-cloud)







Key features at a glance.
  • Meaningful application analysis
  • Central management of the complete load balancing infrastructure
  • Monitoring of the entire load balancing infrastructure incl. AWS-ELB, NGINX, HAProxy









Scripting and automated problem analysis.
  • Script-based LoadMaster configuration (API)
  • 24/7 automated detection and notification of system and application events
  • Process automation and scheduling




Kemp stands for the optimisation, analysis and protection of your applications – everywhere.
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Kemp supports all standard plattforms.

Thanks to its cross-platform ADC solutions with central management, Kemp offers not only the required agility, but also the necessary elasticity due to use-related invoicing. It doesn’t matter if you’re considering cloud migration, have already deployed applications across a variety of cloud environments, or have applications at your site or in multiple locations, Kemp offers maximum protection for your investment in each scenario. Kemp is always in a position to offer technologically and economically optimum solutions—from the largest granularity to per app. Load balancing with the corresponding products and licensing models.



Hardware load balancers.

Kemp’s range of hardware load balancers delivers the scalability plus range of features and security that are required by companies of all sizes to reliably deploy a variety of application workloads.


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Virtual load balancers.

Virtual LoadMasters can be used on all important hypervisors and public cloud servers with a homogeneous range of features. Consistency across multiple platforms simplifies cloud migration and hybrid cloud deployments with seamless migration and reduced management complexity. Virtual LoadMasters can be purchased as a one-off or subscription licence.


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Kemp load balancer features.
  Secure – SSL, WAF, IDS, IPS
  Accelerate – Cache, compress, optimise
  Optimise – Inspect, re-write, manipulate
  Load sharing – RR, capacity, Geo/DNS
  Authenticate – Forms, RADIUS, 2FA, CAC, KCD
  Persistence – Cookie, SourceIP
  Health check – TCP, UDP, application
Kemp 360 pay-as-you-go“– never pay too much.

Put an end to the guesswork when deploying load balancer instances with pay-as-you-go MELA licensing. Kemp lets you deploy unlimited load balancer instances with unlimited Gbs and SSL performance. You only pay for what you use!


Maximum independence and flexibility.

Kemp is the first company to offer management and transparency of third party load balancers including F5, Nginx and ELB and our robust cloud-native offers plus centralised multi-platform support means that you are never tied to one single public cloud provider.


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