Our journey to digital transformation: SMART. 

Secure, Mobile, Agile, Readily Connected, Team-centric.

What companies want is clear: to tackle digital transformation as quickly and efficiently as possible. But questions of admin, security, and scalability can throw many a spanner in the works of a modern workplace. With the Bechtle SMART Workplace Managed Cloud Service offerings for Microsoft 365, we tackle all the challenges for you and clear your path to a future-ready business.

Additional work demands more time. Bechtle handles time-intensive management of your desktops, mobile devices, smartphone, and Microsoft Cloud application and service subscriptions. Your IT department can then fully concentrate on its strategic tasks and business goals.

Unyielding budgets become plannable investments. Keep your financial flexibility. Pay only for the applications and services you need. If the number of employees changes, the services change to match, so it’s virtually impossible to have too many or too few licences.

Simple administration despite high security requirements.

Increased security requirements, a shortage of skilled workers and a constantly rising administrative burden - the challenges facing companies today can be overwhelming. Find out how a SMART Workplace from Bechtle can support you.

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Really SMART: Collaborate securely with Microsoft 365.


In the interests of the highest security and seamless functionality, our package only includes Microsoft components. Microsoft Teams lets your employees work from any location, share ideas more effectively, and develop together. All data is gathered via the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph (ISG) that analyses the world’s largest amount of threat-related data with more than 6.5 billion signals every day.


Integrated security in all Microsoft applications:

  • Detects malicious links and e-mail attachments
  • Protection against malware with intelligent e-mail analysis and anti-phishing policies
  • Additional security with advanced multi-factor authentication with Azure MFA
  • Prevent data loss in messaging systems with Microsoft Data Loss Prevention
  • Protection of enterprise information by encrypting files and communication between devices and the Microsoft Cloud

Quick! We need a SMART solution.

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Quick! We need a SMART solution.

Know what you need and simply looking for the right Bechtle SMART workplace offering?

Our digital assistant is here to help you.

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Our service – Standardised to requirements.

Bechtle SMART Workplace offers five standardised service offerings for a range of enterprise requirements. In the Basic and Collaboration Plus offerings, you have everything you need for collaboration within your enterprise. The Security and Security Plus offerings provide the highest security. With the Advanced Security & Collaboration offering, you get the best-possible IT security and collaboration in your company.

Offering 1
Offering 2
Offering 3
Offering 4
Offering 5
Offering 1


The Basic version of the Bechtle SMART Workplace offers standard admin as well as complete admin of employee accounts, devices, Windows 10, and OneDrive Online. Employees can therefore work seamlessly on PCs, mobile devices, cloud services, and local applications.

  • Admin and maintenance of all relevant Microsoft 365 user accounts
  • Configuration, monitoring, and management of security regulations and relevant Windows 10 end devices
  • Real-time monitoring of end devices against viruses, malware, etc.
  • Data media encryption
  • Quick onboarding of new devices and users with standard policies
  • Monthly status report of devices and accounts in use
  • Standardised retention policies for the OneDrive online cloud storage service

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Offering 2

Basic Plus.

Basic Plus tops the Basic version with Multi Device and Mobile Device Management. It’s the perfect solution for outsourcing your IT, so you can concentrate on your daily business.

  • Advanced security reports for all user accounts and devices
  • A monthly 30 minute security meeting to discuss the security reports
  • Advanced monthly reports and analysis to detect potential end device issues early on
  • Reassigning user licences and OneDrive storage from a deleted user to another user within 30 days

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Offering 3

Advanced Security Plus.

In addition to the services of the Basic Plus version, Advanced Security Plus offers more comprehensive security features. This offering is specially tailored to the needs of larger SMEs and ensures proactive threat defence plus customisable policies and rules for the best protection possible.

  • Proactive security and threat defence with 24/7 monitoring
  • Extended analysis and evaluations
  • Application and data security for cloud services
  • Policies, rules, and reports to protect confidential data and documents
  • Cutting-edge security technologies: Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI)

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Offering 4

Collaboration Plus.

The Collaboration Plus package expands on Basic Plus in terms of admin and support features for Microsoft’s collaboration software. It covers provisioning and admin of the relevant mailboxes, retention policies, and spam filters in addition to compliance and security policies.

  • Management of Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive

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Offering 5

Advanced Security Collaboration Plus.

The Advanced Security Collaboration Plus package brings together the services from the Collaboration Plus and Advanced Security Plus packages. This SMART Workplace package provides a very wide range of security features (e.g. 24/7 monitoring) and services (e.g. machine learning / artificial intelligence (AI) in addition to admin and support for Microsoft’s collaboration software (Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive).

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The future at a glance: Our offerings.

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Upgrade option:

Yes, you can upgrade to another SMART Workplace offering at any time. Get in touch today!

Contract duration:

The minimum term is 1 month. The service can be cancelled with a month’s notice.


  • A valid Microsoft 365 subscription (either E3 or E5 depending on the SMART Workplace package) must be taken out and available.
  • Provisioning of telemetry data to Microsoft from end devices and Microsoft Online Services used, and user accounts (login, etc.).
  • The network configurations required to ensure optimum use of Microsoft Online Services need to be implemented in your enterprise network and external network segments.
  • Windows 10 version 1809 or later.


Key figures.

End of support for Windows 7

14 January 2020

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End of support for Office 2010

13 October 2020

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End of support for Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise

End of January 2023

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Interested, but don’t have Microsoft 365 yet?

We recommend switching to Microsoft 365 with Bechtle SMART Workplace to ensure the best-possible experience for you and your organisation with Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus.

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