Prisma Cloud.

Future-proof protection for your migration into the cloud.

A migration into the cloud poses two crucial questions of IT security experts. How can users securely access the cloud, even in multi-cloud scenarios? And how can hosted applications be effectively and holistically protected in the public and hybrid cloud? In the past, the answers to these questions could generally be found in combining dozens of point solutions completely isolated from each other, which led to excess costs and additional complexity, not to mention unnecessary risks.


Prisma™ Cloud is the industry’s only comprehensive cloud-native security platform (CNSP) offering security that covers the entire lifecycle as well as complete protection for all multi and hybrid cloud environments.

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Cloud Security Posture Management.

Monitor security standards, detect and defend against attacks and ensure compliance in public cloud environments and beyond.

You can only protect what you see.

Prisma™ Cloud gives you unbeatable visibility into all your cloud assets and enables you to implement policies and guidelines to secure your cloud environment and maintain compliance. Benefit from more than 15 compliance models out of the box and generate reports at the click of a button. You can even create user-defined models and a directory with over 6,000 cloud security rules help to avoid incorrect configurations and consistently implements rules. 

Accurately detect threats – Threat detection.

The key to successfully uncovering cloud attacks is in leveraging comprehensive threat intelligence and machine learning. A combination of rule and behaviour-based analyses, Prisma™ Cloud can help you gain quick and exact insights into workloads, networks, user activities, data and configurations and defend against attacks.

Data security when using public cloud storage services.

The near endless capacity available through cloud storage services makes it possible for a business to collect an exponential amount of data and tackle the challenges presented by classifying and protecting it. Prisma™ Cloud has been specially designed for cloud-native environments to identify and ensure sensitive data is secure, malware-free and compliant.


Cloud Workload Protection.

Hosts, containers, Kubernetes and serverless workloads offer unique benefits, but also have varying security requirements. To secure cloud-native applications, security must be addressed before deployment. To this end, Prisma™ Cloud offers a consolidated platform to detect vulnerabilities as an integral part of a CI/CD (continuous integration / continuous delivery) workflow and thus prevent unsecured applications being used.

Host Security

Container Security

Serverless Security

Web Application and API Security (WAAS)

Cloud Network Security.

The growing willingness to migrate workloads to the cloud has resulted in companies having to handle an increasing responsibility to protect their digital assets. Palo Alto Networks is adapting its successful approach to network security for the cloud, because the best approach to cloud network security is also based on visibility and prevention.


End-to-end visibility.

Vulnerabilities and suspicious behaviour can only be addressed when they have been noticed. Prisma™ Cloud collates network traffic logs to generate a live view into host, container and serverless network communication.

Minimise attack areas.

Standard IP-based micro-segmentation doesn’t cut the mustard in a cloud-native infrastructure. The best approach is identity-based micro-segmentation. With Prisma™ Cloud, you can assign security policies on a workload level and therefore disconnect security from the underlying network.

Trust zones that cover clouds and workloads.

With the specialised VM and CN series next-generation firewalls, you can protect trust zones in the cloud network and the perimeter with inline Layer 7 network security and threat protection.

VM series – The virtual next-generation firewalls offer the first-class functionality of Palo Alto Networks’ hardware firewalls in a virtual form.

VM Series Data Sheet

CN series – The next-generation container firewalls have been specially developed for Kubernetes environments and protect incoming, outgoing and east-west traffic between container trust zones and other kinds of workloads.

CN Series Data Sheet


Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM).

Complex multi-cloud environments make it difficult to have complete visibility of all cloud resources and present a risk of inconsistent access rights. The first step towards comprehensive transparency is the effective management of access rights.

Prisma™ Cloud continuously picks up on identity and access risks and automatically resolves them. All peoples’ and machines’ identities are detected across cloud environments and analyses access rights, roles and policies. Access rights according to the principle of the fewest privileges can also be easily and fully implemented even in dispersed cloud environments.

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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

SASE is a concept to align both connectivity and security for mobile users and branch offices into the future. A SASE solution has to enable consistent access as well as security for all kinds of cloud applications. By replacing various point solutions with an end-to-end SASE solution from the cloud, businesses can considerably reduce complexity, make significant savings and, last but not least, increase their level of security.

Want to find out more?

Take a look at the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) for Dummies® e-book to discover the new security model.

  • Requirements of an effective SASE solution
  • Practical examples of SASE in use
  • Benefits of a cloud-centric security strategy.

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Palo Alto Networks offers the most comprehensive SASE solution on the market.
Deployment options:
Remote and mobile users.

Prisma Access makes it possible for users to securely access applications and data from anywhere and is provisioned from the cloud:

  • Identity-based protection 
  • Fast scalability 
  • Seamless access


Branch offices and SD-WAN.

Prisma SD-WAN and Prisma Access securely connect branch offices and are a fundamental component of a network transformation.


Prisma SD-WAN:
  • Next-gen SD-WAN with machine learning and AI
  • Application-oriented with layer 7 intelligence
  • Autonomous operation
  • 10 times the bandwidth
  • 99% fewer tickets due to network issues

Zero Trust Network Access.

Zero-trust network access is part of a holistic zero-trust strategy and one of the most crucial components of a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform. Prisma Access enables ZTNA through a granular, identity-based access control that only gives the user access to the resources they need and are allowed to use.

Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM).

Helps IT teams give users the perfect experience. Prisma Access gives a detailed insight into the performance between users and applications, from endpoints to routers and various networks, helping to precisely pinpoint problems and implement targeted measures to resolve them.

Cloud Secure Web Gateway.

Protection against malware, advanced threats, phishing and data loss by protecting SaaS applications and sensitive data no matter the users, location and devices.

Cloud Secure Web Gateway

 Integrated Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB).

Consistent protection for on-premise and SaaS environments such as Microsoft Office 365. All SaaS applications in use are automatically detected and protected against zero day attacks. Thanks to enterprise DLP from the cloud, data is protected and compliance guaranteed.

SaaS Security

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