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Large format frameless displays – Modern. Brilliant. Fascinating.

Samsung Indoor Displays offer an ideal combination of superior picture quality and intuitive usability. The Indoor Displays combine Samsung’s leading video processing technologies with High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement for clear and sophisticated images—all within a compact, easy-to-maintain design.


The IF Full DD Series with fine pixel pitch from Samsung.

High resolution content has emerged as a popular form of communication for businesses. This is why more and more businesses are choosing solutions with LED technologies to display realistic and inspiring content to their customer, leaving them with a truly memorable experience. By leveraging Samsung’s powerful IF Full HD Series signage, businesses can invite target audiences to a cutting-edge, next-generation LED content arena that informs, engages and entertains.

The Samsung LED Signage solutions provide these companies with the LED content delivery tools that reflect their brand and draw the eye without requiring significant time or effort, in an easy to manage format and a variety of affordable and user-friendly methods.

Brilliant images for your meeting room.

Looking for a display solution for your meeting room that can hold audience attention with its clear images? With Samsung IF Full HD Series video walls this is exactly what you’ll get! The high resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixel and fine pixel pitch deliver crystal-clear images in a bezelless design—perfect for your meeting room. A Full HDD Samsung wall made up of several cabinets is easy to install and will engage your customers with high-quality content from the get go.


Slim design, impressive effect.

The IF Full HD Series from Samsung offers a solution for rooms of nearly every size. The IF015H model can be put together into a 330.2 cm (130.0") Full HD wall with a depth of only 90 mm and a pixel pitch of just 1.5 mm using 18 individual cabinets. For larger areas such as entrance halls, video walls made up of IF020H or IF025H cabinets can be installed from 442.0 cm (174") up to 688.3 cm (217"). Whatever size you choose, the IF Full HAD Series video walls deliver high-resolution content.

Large surfaces for project presentations.

Experience high-quality, large format presentations with Samsung’s IF Full HD Series displays. Thanks to the bezelless cabinets that fit seamlessly together, graphs, text and images can be viewed without any annoying seams that could cover up important information. Brightness and colour contrasts can be controlled individually allowing sharper and clearer images than some projectors Meaning that, as a rule, meeting rooms equipped with the IF Full HD Series do not need to be darkened.



Samsung IF Full HD Series

The seams and differences in brightness shown between the displays are for illustration purposes and, in reality, may not be as noticeable.


  • Specialised LED High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology optimises picture quality
  • Elevated grayscale ensures clear and detailed expression even in low brightness settings
  • DSLR calibration fine-tunes visual properties for more consistent image delivery
  • Flexible full-front and rear-service access simplifies maintenance while preserving a neat and tidy installation
  • HD Signage Box, advanced signal redundancy and content platform compatibility reduce operational complexity
  • Temperature and ventilation control extend display lifespan while minimising costs


Pioneering visual innovation. 

HDR (High Dynamic Range) for optimum picture quality.


Operational efficiency.

Flexible service access. Simple maintenance.


Unwavering reliability.

Unwavering reliability thanks to the efficient, fanless cabinet design.

Key features.

Bright and clear LED display.

Samsung’s IF Series displays leverage LED HDR scene adaptation technology to showcase a detailed and realistic picture. Through this process, customised algorithms analyse and optimise gradation and brightness levels within individual content scenes while also preventing dazzling. IF Series users also benefit from dynamic peaking that empowers displays to reach peak brightness levels nearly two times higher than standard LED maximum brightness norms.


Original image


Standard Samsung LED display with full luminosity1


Samsung IF Full HD Series



Accurate colour display for low brightness settings.

Conventional LED displays¹ often struggle to present red, green and blue colour hues accurately and without distortion in low greyscale settings. The IF Series displays alleviate these challenges through a unique grayscale management algorithm that maintains consistent red, green and blue gradation for improved colour accuracy As a result, low-brightness indoor environments, such as galleries, museums and shops, can display content at optimal quality with uniform and precise colour expression.


Standard LED display1


Samsung IF FUll HD Series


Detailed and customisable colour presentation.

Compatibility with various colour gamut settings, including the sRGB, AdobeRGB and LED Natural Mode spectra, enables the IF Full HD Series displays to emphasise brilliant colour expression customised for specific environmental needs. Specialised indoor operations, such as broadcast studios and galleries, in turn can customise colour gamut conditions to accommodate their advanced needs and achieve seamless content delivery.


Pre-set Gamut


Customized Gamut

Consistent, uniform content delivery.

Thorough factory calibration fine-tunes all IF Full HD Series display sub-pixels for uniform brightness and colour chromaticity out of the box Samsung additionally provides convenient, DSLR camera-driven on-site sub-pixel calibration, eliminating the need for burdensome radiant cameras. Once installed, module-to-module calibration and advanced picture setting using Samsung LED Signage Manager (LSM) maintains an excellent and consistent presentation.

Factory calibration

Radiant camera

Sub-pixel tuning for uniform brightness and colour chromaticity

On-site calibration



DSLR camera

Convenient on-site pixel calibration via DSLR camera




LED Signage Manager

Advanced image settings for an enhanced visual experience


Clean and hassle-free installation.

For added installation flexibility, the Samsung IF Series displays leverage a compact design that is significantly slimmer and lighter. Full-front access to critical signage components ensures seamless installation¹, while complementary rear access enables more convenient and quick-turn maintenance. The optionally available Magentic Jig service tool makes using the cabinets and servicing very easy. Through their advanced cabinet structure, the IF Series displays can be positioned without the seams that typically accompany challenging frontal implementation.


Slim/lightweight design


Seamless design

Versatile and efficient operations.

The IF Full HD Series’ user-friendly design allows for a faster, tidier and more cost-efficient activation. The new Samsung LED Signage Box (S-Box)¹ transmits UHD content across multiple screens from a single source without requiring an expensive splitter or multiple external boxes. Users also can leverage existing cable structures to easily configure signal redundancy. Likewise, the integrated Samsung MagicInfo content platform makes content creation, scheduling and deployment across the IF Full HD Series displays easier.






Signal redundancy


Durable, long-lasting performance.

An energy-efficient cabinet design, featuring advanced temperature and ventilation management capabilities, ensures uninterrupted performance regardless of surrounding environmental conditions A fanless design deters dust and particle exposure to further prolong the displays’ lifespan. The integrated LED Signage Manager (LSM) also helps users quickly identify common performance errors and avoid visual disruptions.


Long lifespan


Monitoring and diagnostics


Optimised thermal structure
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¹ Conventional LED displays are displays without HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology.

² Depending on the video wall to be installed, different wall mounting kits are required: VG-LFH15FWA/EN (1.5 mm), VG-LFH20FWA/EN (2.0 mm), VG-LFH25FWA/EN (2.5 mm).

³ The LED Signage Box is required for each LED installation. | ² Conventional LED displays are displays without HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology.