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Flexibility and fast processes now number among the key success factors for companies. The number of day-to-day IT queries between employees, departments, and machines are constantly increasing. Companies often lack critical processes and tools to speed up these interactions while keeping track of costs and resources in real time.


With ServiceNow®, Bechtle offers an easy and effective solution to these challenges. Regardless if it is security, IT service, operation, or business management: Using ServiceNow®, companies are able to not only structure and document their day-to-day processes with intelligent workflows and a central cloud platform, but also make them flexible and agile.

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IT Service Management

IT Operations Management

IT Business Management


IT Service Management

A Win: IT Service Management.

With ServiceNow® IT Service Management solutions, businesses gain an overall view of and control over IT costs, processes, and tools – in real time. Simply because they can consolidate systems and, with the help of a cloud-based platform, create one continuous IT infrastructure through IT services. This eliminates insular solutions and obstacles to interaction. Efficiency and transparency are enhanced by simply automating service management procedures.


All of the IT services and processes are presented through a user-friendly service portal. Virtual task boards can be used to mediate and track queries as well as to prioritize tasks and easily assign them using drag-and-drop. Accordingly, there is the possibility to automate repetitive setup tasks. The service portal can be accessed with any mobile device in order to work productively at all times. Moreover, updates are automatically implemented on the cloud platform so that the newest features are always available – without any extra costs. With these ServiceNow®solutions, Bechtle not only facilitates collaboration within companies, but also relieves the pressure on IT.

Services within IT Service Management.


  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change and Release Management
  • Benchmark
  • Asset Management
  • Knowledge Management

IT Operations Management

Proactive: IT Operations Management.

IT should no longer just react to incidents and problems? It should be able to also act proactively and spot problems before they impact your business? That’s no problem with the IT Operations Management solution from ServiceNow®. They seamlessly connect information, people, and processes to each other for rapid communication with all entities within the company. IT managers are better able to understand and manage relationships and processes between each IT resource. Problems and service outages can be minimized since they are detected early and their effects prevented. Even interruptions can be localized quickly and precisely. The system continuously checks the IT infrastructure and operational data. It also identifies the causes and identifies the best approach to handle outages. Even these IT processes as well as error correction procedures can be automated. This enables companies to be even more flexible.

Services within IT Operations Management.


  • Discovery
  • Event Management
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Service Mapping
  • Cloud Management
  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

IT Business Management

Profitable: IT Business Management.

Running IT like a business means distributing costs and resources in ways that bring the greatest possible benefit, value, and efficiency to the company. This is one of the key tasks within any company. However, a lack of or late involvement of IT in business processes often prevents the budget and resources from being distributed in a truly efficient manner. That’s why, IT Business Management aligns the entire portfolio to the core business. This way, companies benefit from an extremely transparent project and application portfolio. They are also able to gain insight into the costs for delivering the service: By managing resources and demand, distributing the budget can be optimized in the best manner available. This enables companies to see what areas need financial support or investment thus supporting corporate goals in the most ideal way available.

Services within IT Business Management.


  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Demand Management
  • Resource Management
  • Agile Development
  • Application Portfolio Management


Comprehensive Security: Security Operations.

With ServiceNow® Security Operations, companies coordinate security and IT, and are able to quickly respond to security incidents and vulnerabilities. Thanks to “Threat Intelligence”, it is possible to learn from threats as well as malicious software and to react with improved precautions.


In addition, data access can be controlled efficiently. Intelligent workflows, automation, and orchestration enable security solutions to be accelerated as well as enable tasks to be distributed and prioritized. Thus, the entire team’s services can be tracked and improved based on service metrics.

Services within Security Operations.


  • Security Incident Response
  • Vulnerability Response
  • Trusted Security Circles
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Performance Analytics
  • Event Management
  • Orchestration


Why Bechtle?

First and foremost, Bechtle offers a comprehensive, multi-vendor product portfolio for IT infrastructure, IT services, and IT operations. Solutions and services from a single provider make it efficient and easy for our customers to provide their own services. As a multi-cloud solution provider, Bechtle also oversees the entire cloud services product lifecycle. From deployment to administration to support: Companies can rely on Bechtle to stand with them for expedient, professional, and comprehensive support as a contact partner with many years of experience. Customers also receives more transparency through all-inclusive billing of services used.



Your company will also choose the ServiceNow® solutions that you want:

Bechtle offers a three-stage service package in conjunction with the forward-thinking ServiceNow® method. It consists of Foundation, Transform and Innovate Services. Accordingly, companies can maximize their potential through Bechtle Expert Analysis because our experts help them integrate ServiceNow® solutions into their IT landscape efficiently. Using proven methods, our customers quickly achieve noticeable added value and can improve the skills of their team in the long term.



The Advantages for Customers with Bechtle and ServiceNow®.

  • Central ServiceNow® Nonstop Cloud Platform
  • Improved collaboration of all entities / departments
  • Better control and real-time insight into the IT infrastructure and service
  • Agile and cost-effective IT
  • Increased security thanks to early problem detection
  • Quick decisions and actions thanks to smarter, faster workloads
  • Data center with the highest security rating (Tier3+)
  • Data protection and contracts according to German law
  • Important, security-related certifications
  • Agile provision of services
  • Fully automated customer portal
  • Flexible control options and monitoring features
  • Covered by numerous success stories
  • All services in a single bill, upon request



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