Creating a guestaccount and setting up multi-factor authentication


Creat a guestaccount


After an invitation from a Bechtle employee into Microsoft Teams you will receive an e-mail with a link to the shown website.

Click on „Open Microsoft Teams” to setup your guest account and choose next.

Now you need to enter a password for your guest account and click next.

Please enter the requested information for your country/region and your day of birth and click next.

You’ll now receive a verify code on your e-mail which you have to enter in the following context and click next.

Please solve the captcha and click next.

Please read the terms of use carefully and click accept.

In the next step you will be forwarded to the Microsoft Teams login.

Guestaccount MFA

Set up your multi-factor-authentication by adding your e-mail address and select next. Please enter your password and click sign in.

The system requires more informations. Please click next to continue.

You will be forwarded to the following Microsoft login site. Here you can setup your MFA. Preferred configuration is the Microsoft Authenticator APP, you need to install the APP on your mobile device as described. But as an alternative you can setup different methods (SMS, e-mail or phone call). The following describes the Microsoft Authenticator configuration.

Select “Work or School account” and scan now the shown QR Code with your mobile device by using the Authenticator APP. You will receive a confirmation in your Authenticator App. Please confirm.

After the confirmation your setup is successfully done and your guestaccount can be used.

You can now join Microsoft Teams as a guest in the BE O365 tenant.