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For many small companies—particularly startups such as design stores or the new café on the corner—and for those looking for an affordable, simple network solution, there’s Aruba Instant On. Our blog covers the most important benefits.

The meeting begins. A quick check of the self view and then the small talk can start. “Are you at home or in the office today?”, goes a common first question nowadays. The past few months have indeed been favourable for flexible working, making flexible solutions palatable to companies and employees alike.

New ways of working and increasing digitalisation at work is challenging the data centre as never before. Being able to access valuable company data at any time and from anywhere is not only challenging security systems, but also the data centre as a whole, which must adapt to the new reality in order to avoid bottlenecks and downtime in the future.

Look at the meeting rooms in many companies and you’ll be forgiven for failing to notice any differences compared to five or ten years ago. That’s an issue because they way we work has changed so much and hybrid meetings are here to stay. These days, some people are on-site in the meeting room while others dial in from elsewhere, so if the tech isn’t up to the job of facilitating location-agnostic collaboration, productive hybrid meetings are impossible.

In this last part of the series, we will be discussing the benefits that communities offer in the Modern Workplace—both for the company and its employees.

eurofunk is a system specialist for planning, installing and operating control centers and emergency call centers and uses a variety of its own software solutions. For its customers, stable and secure system operation with as little maintenance downtime as possible can be a matter of life or death. As a supplier of critical infrastructure, eurofunk is constantly faced with the challenge of keeping up to date with the latest technology.

Paralysed school administration. Hackers blackmailing businesses. How can organisations tackle this challenge?

Working from home has become routine for a large number of employees. It’s time to try something new. Take advantage of the many options for CAD online training.

Employees are increasingly demanding more flexibility in the workplace. As employees returned to their offices, they were forced to deal with the fact that they may have to retreat back to the safety of their homes at very short notice. There are still only limited possibilities to travel and meet others in person and gatherings are still largely taking place online, and the only way to meet these new challenges is by implementing new workplace paradigms such as going hybrid.

Modern Workplace, New Work, decentralised collaboration and new work landscapes—buzzwords that are influencing the modern world of work and are forcing companies to take action.

Technology region, UNESCO City of Media Arts, SMART City—all terms that describe Karlsruhe. These, alongside the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology and the Centre for Art and Media, make Baden-Württemberg’s second-largest city a driving force in digitalisation—and we’re at its heart. The city’s a digital pioneer and you’ll find out what that means for us and our everyday business in this blog.

Information security and IT security – They’re essentially the same thing, right? Think again. Although both terms are often used interchangeably, there is a wealth of difference between them. IT security describes primarily the handling of technical systems, i.e. hardware and software. Information security on the other hand denotes the entire company including staff, processes and even the building’s architecture, which demonstrates quite clearly that information security is a key topic and it affects every single employee. An Information Security Management System (ISMS) can help to keep an overview of these complicated factors and their interplay.

Participants in the 2021 Pwn2Own hacking contest have identified previously unknown vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server, including remote code execution, privilege escalation, and information disclosure flaws. Microsoft has already published security updates to resolve these issues.

Employee identity has become the number one risk factor. Because one thing has become clear - the Corona pandemic has greatly increased the attack surface for cyberattacks in recent months and posed major challenges for the IT departments of many companies. One risk factor that is once again gaining in importance in light of the home office trend is the widespread use of weak passwords.

IT security has grown in importance over the last few years as a result of recurring incidents, and now the talk of the town is a holistic IT security concept. But what does that mean? And what does such a strategy entail?

The past year has posed uncountable challenges for IT departments and these haven’t been easy to overcome for smaller companies with limited capacities. Ivo Reitz, long-time deployment and management expert at Lenovo, tells us how even small companies juggle employee satisfaction and resource management.

There are various possibilities and starting points to automate business processes—from approving holiday requests and sick leave to approving invoices and highly complex workflows. In principle, pretty much every process can be digitalised. This blog gives you an insight into how easy it is to get started with process automation using some practical examples.

Is your IT far too busy with routine manual tasks? Do you want to know who has access to your company data at all times—and why? Are you worried about your next security audit? Are you frustrated about a lack of data quality? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, please keep on reading.

Numerous businesses are being faced with the challenge of having to keep up with increasing demands while relying on their organically grown, inefficient processes and low levels of automation. The desire for more streamlined IT despite smaller budgets yet greater service and centralisation expectations is increasing the pressure on a growing number of our customers. To support the lift-off of corporate development at the IT end, HanseVision is teaming up with Bechtle to implement the cloud-based IT service management platform, ServiceNow based on SmartNow.