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Practical, compact and flexible. The perfect definition of 2-in-1 notebooks aka Convertibles and Detachables. Half notebook, half tablet, these devices can be adapted to the user’s needs. And being portable, they combine the convenience and light weight of a tablet with the performance of a notebook and are becoming more popular as a result. But what are the advantages of these 2-in-1 devices and what should you look out for when shopping?

Whenever I was asked what I was going to do once I’d finished studying, there was one thing that I was missing—meaningful examples. That’s why I’ve got together with two other former trainees to give you everything I never had. Here are just two examples of what you can achieve in a short time as a Bechtle Public Sector trainee.

Palo Alto Networks is one of the leading providers of cyber security solutions and is known for constantly questioning the current state of security - also with the new Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform.

In this age of increased remote working, the spotlight is firmly on security and raising awareness of the topic among employees to create a human firewall using, among other things, secure passwords. But are password guidelines really up to scratch?

An exploit code is currently doing the rounds that is capitalising on an as-yet unresolved security vulnerability in many Windows versions. A patch has not yet been made available. The issue affects the Windows Print Spooler. According to current information, all Windows versions from 7 SP1 to Server 2019 are impacted. The exploit enables malicious code to be run with system rights and, if this happens on a domain server, attackers could spread throughout the network and infect other computers with malware.

Toy manufacturer LEGO® created Serious Play® in the nineties in collaboration with the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) based in Lausanne in Switzerland. The methods used back then for strategy development were not yielding the expected results, so Lego’s then owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen was looking for new solutions.

We’ll quickly and easily create the foundation for a secure workplace that protects your enterprise data and the identities of your employees—wherever they’re working from. Together with our partner, Microsoft, we have a tailored solution for each of your requirements. Conditional access technology and multi-factor authentication in addition to Microsoft Intune from the Enterprise Mobility & Security Suite ensure maximum security.

Lenovo and computing - A tried and tested combination. Lenovo and conference room solutions? An exciting unknown! In 2018, Lenovo announced and launched their promising ThinkSmart range with the long-term aim of building a new Lenovo brand around Unified Communication and collaboration.

A lot of people are currently working within the confines of their own four walls which is posing huge challenges for employers and employees alike—particularly when it comes down to the tech. The question is always which technology is the best that won’t blow the budget. Carry on reading to find out which tools and devices employees can use to get the job done simply and efficiently outside of the office.

Die Sicherheitsexperten vom IT-Security Competence Center BISS empfehlen die betroffenen Systeme zeitnah zu patchen.

Decision makers, futurists and economists all agree—businesses need to face up to workplace digitalisation. Today. But how? Nobody has a definitive answer.

Business are facing a raft of challenges: Developing new business models, the complexity of the modern world of work, time-intensive admin and trying to position themselves as a more attractive employer to name but a few. Is it possible to simplify or even automate these processes?

Who would have thought that working from home would become so popular? As mobile solutions become increasingly acceptable, it is crucial that they work smoothly and efficiently and that communication doesn’t become too impersonal. In this blog, you’ll find out the benefits and opportunities you can enjoy when integrating GoToMeeting in MS Teams.

There are times when decisions are made that you never would have thought possible. After 10 years of using Windows at Bechtle, my new work computer was going to be an Apple.

Data protection and information security have always been related, but the introduction of the GDPR means they are now inextricably linked. What aspects need to be considered by companies? What concrete steps should companies now take in order to increase their IT security and data protection levels?

Check Point has discovered a critical vulnerability in all Microsoft Windows DNS servers. In the worst case, an external attacker can gain access to the entire corporate network (Active Directory) through Internet Explorer thanks to a user’s click. All Windows DNS Server versions from 2003 and later are affected and Microsoft has already made a patch available.

As part of its Achilles investigation, Check Point has uncovered over 400 vulnerabilities in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon DSP chip, affecting around 40% of the mobile phones used globally and making them vulnerable to attack.

You may remember that on 13 August 2019, Microsoft issued a somewhat under-the-radar security advisory urging customers to change two Active Directory settings to protect their domain controllers. The recommended changes, which concern LDAP connections, may have a substantial impact on your IT infrastructure. And it’s important that you act now...

What a few weeks ago was considered completely unthinkable has become the new normal with employees being forced overnight to work from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Staff have to juggle work and family and businesses had to rethink their IT strategies and fast.

Businesses want their cloud services to be hosted in German data centres. The services should be highly available and flexible in line with a hybrid cloud approach, and deployment should be from a central data centre but also various other locations. A self-service portal and a transparent, calculable invoicing model are also essential. We’ll show you how Bechtle can support you with this model and secure a connection to the cloud by means of a Managed Firewall solution.