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All sights are locked on growth. While the diggers have long since gone from the headquarters in Neckarsulm and the Gaildorf site, in other places, it’s all kicking off. Building work is currently taking place across eight Bechtle branches in Germany and Switzerland—from small alterations to entire new buildings on greenfield sites. One thing is certain, idle time is not an option.

Large social media companies have it in their names, digital art worth millions and mega-concerts on gaming platforms are fueling the hype: the "metaverse". Possibly a new version of the Internet, Web 3.0 or a new digital continent - we asked around about its significance for business IT and found what we were looking for. Data glasses on, JoinXR platform on, and off we went: Dr. Mara Ortner, Modern Workplace Consultant AR/VR at Bechtle IT System House Karlsruhe, and Carina Kaiser, Product Manager Microsoft Surface and HoloLens at Bechtle, explain where the journey is headed and how companies can get started.

Since 2019, Germany has had a Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation (SPRIND). An authority that wants to be “a home for people with radical ideas.” How does it work? In an ideal world, it means great ideas being turned into huge advances with digitalisation, of course, playing a crucial role. It can be of no coincidence then, that there are certain crossovers with Bechtle projects.

Staying agile at the workplace is nothing new in successful companies. But recent times have seen an unprecedented degree of agility, reactions and mental flexibility demanded from employees. Digitalisation has hit the turbo button. And change is coming fast. We have learnt that unexpected surprises can always be waiting around the corner, and that we have to prepare for them. That aside, agility can really give your workforce a competitive edge. Working out feels good. But which exercises are good for you, yet don’t make you look unprofessional?

Our world of work is increasingly being characterised by speed, networking and a pressure to perform. Fast-paced digitalisation is turning the workplace into a complex place of learning for many leaders and teams, which serves as motivation for them to learn and grow. Those who are able to keep a weather eye on what is important and continue to act judiciously despite challenging conditions have a distinct advantage, and this is where mindful leadership comes in.

Modern work is witnessing a shift towards digital environments. Could this be the first step of a complete transition into virtual parallel universes? Will it lead to the creation of a cosmos in which we lead double lives as avatars?

One of the most modern office environments within the Bechtle Group can be found in Sankt Augustin. The picturesque town is a stone’s throw from Bonn and is home to the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University attracting IT students from the region and beyond.

What do fridges, shipping containers and laser welding machines have in common? Put simply, they are all physical objects, but in the future, they will all be increasingly connected with IT systems. In order that this does not result in hyper-complex IoT-soup, new technical concepts emerge to empower efficient services and all new business models. At the fore of these concepts is edge computing.

In the distant future, quantum computers will be used to solve the most complex optimisation problems in a matter of seconds, raising the standard of computational power in many industry sectors. Digital Annealing that allows us to use the potential of quantum computers today.

When three scientists and a project manager team up to make art, they make it intelligent. The Lunar Ring group of artists is showing an interactive AI art installation, supported by Bechtle, in the city center of Potsdam during the celebrations for German Unity Day 2020.

Fuelled by a rural exodus, urban populations are exploding and city rents shooting up, all the while properties are being abandoned and farms lie fallow in the countryside. Curiously, it’s exactly this emptiness that is drawing others away from the megacities to start a new life away from the rat race.

Want to know what’s hot and what’s not? Catch up on what the people at Bechtle love—online, on paper, and on the go. Join us where the future is.

Quantum computers are probably to be expected. When we will benefit from them, nobody knows yet, but what we will use them for we can already imagine.

Food is a basic need - and is increasingly becoming Science. How food hacking influences the future on our plates.

The Dream life of Driverless Cars is an art project by the London design studio, ScanLAB Projects. It simulates a self-driving car’s view using a laser-based 3D scanner.

Many things that were pie in the sky yesterday are today’s reality. We spend every minute of every day thinking—so why not think big? Just like the trailblazers in the following 30 stories.

Do you love your future? Or are you afraid of it? While some emphasize the risks of change, others want to shape the future and make it better. For Sven Gábor Jánszky the answer is easy: "The manager of the think tank "2b AHEAD ThinkTank" is an optimist by profession.