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Agile working has become an important hurdle to jump in forwarding your corporate development.Windows Virtual Desktop can help you do this.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need of companies to empower workers with fast, flexible and simple remote working capacibilities, without compromising compatibility, performance, security or simultaneous access to shared resources.

Window Virtual Desktop (WVD) can help you bring your company's IT infrastructure up to scratch - with state-of-the-art Window 10 combined with the dynamic scalability of the Microsoft Cloud, providing an unmatched, cost efficient pricing model.

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    Use case
    Product description
    Use case
    Use Case Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

    Our Bechtle Azure Windows Virtual Desktop package will help your company to introduce Windows Virtual Desktop successfully, by providing the necessary organizational and technical framework.


    We offer:

    • Scalable provision of cloud-based Windows 10 desktops 
    • Complete integration with the Microsoft 365 experience
    • Minimal administration required
    • Video- und voice conferencing with Microsoft Teams
    • Cost-efficient solution that allows you to control costs transparently

    When ist the rigt time?

    Let's say you are planning to free up your local infrastructure but are also thinking of providing a modern workplace or updating or replacing your current VDI solutions.

    This is where Bechtle's WVD package can really round off your modern workplace concept. 

    Product description

    Our all-embracing approach includes the creation of an archtitecture and design, as well as the preparation and implementation of the WVD solution, complete with ongoing support as you migrate to your new solution. 



    Architecture & Design

    • Kick-off workshop (stakeholders, goals, requirements & scenarios)
    • Assessment of the existing infrastructure and framework conditions
    • Design of a high-level architecture
    • Elaboration of the technical design of the WVD Architecture Building Blocks
    • Creation of an implementation plan



    • Landing Zone Workshop
    • Setting up the Landing Zone
    • Creating client requirements



    • Production Pilot Deployment of a Windows Virtual Desktop Environment and Integration into the Azure Landing Zone



    • Monitoring the pilot and optimising the environment
    • Handover to operations


    Benefit from our Bechtle Azure Virtual Desktop and leave all the tiny details required for the introduction to our experts here at Bechtle. 

    Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Package.
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